Save Our Soles!

13 10 2009
Holy moly FitFeat Friends… there was an explosion of activity on the blog yesterday!  Wow!  A record number of hits to the FitFeat site.  Whatever you guys are doing to spread the word, THANK YOU!  And please keep it up – you’re AWESOME!

So I thought I’d take some time today to talk about another one of my favorite “tools” – but this one is not related to the kitchen.  It’s for our feet. 

Back when I was running half-marathons more often and putting a lot of miles on my feet, I was getting blisters left and right. 

Two friends / running buddies each recommended that I try a particular brand of sock called the Wrightsock Coolmesh.   What’s special about these socks is that they are made of two thin layers.  Instead of your sock and foot rubbing together, the two layers of material rub together and the friction stays within the layers as opposed to on your skin.  

I wasn't kidding when I said I have SMALL FEET...!

I wasn't kidding when I said I have SMALL FEET...!

These socks were lifesavers (well, OK that might be an overstatment 🙂 at the very least they were sole-savers!)  They are a small investment early on, but worth every penny.  I now own about 8 pair and I wear them every day:  running, hiking, walking.  Anytime my sneakers go on, so do these socks.

If you’re a runner, walker, hiker or just someone who is prone to blistered feet, you should look into trying out these socks.

I am grateful to have learned about these socks at a time when I really needed them (thanks Scott!  thanks Lori!) and wanted to pay it forward, so to speak.

In light of the recent FTC ruling about product reviews and blogs, I thought I’d make a note for the record that all of the products I have reviewed and/or recommended to date on this blog are offered up solely because I use and like the products, not because I am being paid to do so or offered any sort of kickback.

On to Monday’s eats:

After the nice Back/Trap workout I detailed in yesterday’s post, I wanted a quick influx of carbs.  So I opted for a bowl of mango-licious.  This one should have been given over to the green smoothie gods though, because it wasn’t as ripe as it should have been.  That’s what I get for being impatient and dying to eat my yummy mango taunting me from the fruit basket on my counter!
 img 230

Shortly thereafter it was time for my real breakfast so I had a bowl of OATSMILE:

img 232

Lunch was yet another leftover serving of Veggie Enchilasagna with a side of spanish rice.  There’s one more sliver of this still in the fridge, but I’m pretty sure at this point that I’ve had my FILL of this particular food for awhile.

img 237

I also had a side salad with lunch (spinach, tomato, dulse,  pepitas, hemp oil, balsamic vinegar, nutritional yeast):

img 238

Followed by a little dessert!  Endangered Species brand 72% dark chocolate… mmmm chocolate!

img 239

Afternoon snack time came up FAST!  I was busy on blog hosting study… I decided to forego the standard Larabar for some hummus, Wasa, raw goat cheddar and baby carrots.  Tasty and fiber-rich!

img 241

When MSP got home, we still had some daylight and it wasn’t completely freezing outside, so we decided to take the dogs out for their wog:  a quick 2-miler to work up a little appetite before dinner: another set of leftovers that I tried to make into something different.  I had some of Friday night’s “Warm Asian Thai-Fry” left, so I warmed it up, then wrapped it into red chard leaves.  The ‘dipping sauce’ is just a generic version of Annie’s “Gingerly Vinaigrette” from a bottle. 

img 243

It wasn’t bad at all for a meal that only took about 90 seconds to build!  But I was still a little hungry after so I had a few Mary’s Gone Crackers with some slivers of the raw goat cheddar

OK, friends, I’m off to get Tuesday started!  Have a fantastic Tuesday!  If you’re located in the Colorado are, KEEP WARM!  If you’re located someplace outside of Colorado that is warm, please send some heat our direction!

For today’s discussion, do you have any tips/tricks/tools that have helped any of your outdoor activities, in the way that the Wrightsocks have helped with my blisters?  You FitFeat readers are very FIT-SAVVY, and have lots of great info to share!  Thanks for doing so and keep it coming!  We are ALL learning and benefiting from each other!

See you tomorrow!

— Shari B. =)


Who You Callin’ a Prune?

10 10 2009

Hello FitFeat friends!

Well today I have to say I feel like a BONA FIDE runner.   “Why?”, you ask.  Because it was 17 degrees and snowing this morning, and I still went for an outside run!  And dragged poor MSP with me 😉  He’s really a saint, I tell you.  After a couple miles, we did decide that I was a little crazy and turned back.  But I felt fantastic when we got home … so refreshed and actually pretty darn toasty!  Nothing like a good run in the cold to get the internal fire stoked! 

Plus I get to go out in it later in the day. I’ll be meeting up with a girlfriend this afternoon for some SOCIAL-CIZING and we’ll be hitting up my fave trail (The Bluffs!)  They say we’ll be lucky to hit 32 degrees for the day’s high, so at least it will be TWICE as warm this afternoon as what it is now!  😉

In yesterday’s post, I left off after having hit up The Bluffs with another friend and then my umpteenth Starbucks visit of the week … allow me to rewind through my Friday:

Once home, I needed just a tiny bite to carry me through till lunch time.  I had a prune dried plum.  (I can no longer eat these without cracking up, thinking of Sarah over at the Fit Tip Exchange blog, who said this once: 

“…prunes are for old people…I eat dried plums..”

 So now I no longer eat prunes because I refuse to feel old – I too eat dried plums.  😉  Rascal on the other hand could care less what it’s called as long as there is a chance he’ll get a nibble…

img 183

When it was time for lunch, I munched on the last of the cold Pesto Gnocchi ‘salad’ while I was waiting for my actual meal to heat. 

img 184

Check out my veggie “enchilasagna”  (layered leftovers of the casserladas).  Yet another meal that tastes better the second day…

img 186

 And a few squares of dark chocolate for ‘dessert’:

img 188

Today’s midafternoon green smoothie was a bit of a departure from my normal recipe.  A few of the recurring characters:  cucumber, spinach and sprouts.  Then the guest stars:  pineapple, FROZEN banana, kiwi, pepitas and hemp oil.  I was low on fresh fruit so was pulling from pantry and freezer to round out this one.  

img 190

It was GREEN BLISS 🙂  mmmmm.  I will never tire of these I think.

img 193

I was still feeling the need for extra warmth when dinnertime rolled around, so I decided to get creative and make something along the lines of a heated salad.  I started out with an old recipe called “My Thai Chicken Wraps” from that I used to use when I was still a meat-eater.  Then I did some tweaking to make separate versions: vegetarian and meaty.

First I mixed all the ingredients for the ‘sauce’ — minus the sugar.  Last time we used this recipe we thought it was plenty sweet with the hoisin sauce on its own, so no need for the extra sugar.

Then I divided the sauce into two pans.  One would be mixed with JUST the shredded rotisserie chicken (about 1/3 to 1/2 of the chicken) for MSP’s version.  I did not use the slaw veggies in his.   Heated his through then served on a whole wheat sandwich thin like kind of like a Thai BBQ Sammy.  I also roasted some quartered Yukon Gold potatoes for him to have “fries on the side.”

For my version I mixed the pre-cut ‘broccoli slaw’ with some chopped zucchini, chopped yellow pepper, scallions and mushrooms.  I sauteed all the veggies in coconut oil until soft, then added in the hoisin sauce mixture and simmered for probably another 10 minutes or so.  With SO many veggies diluting the sauce,  it ended up a little bland, so I mixed up a squeeze of agave nectar, a smear of organic peanut butter, low sodium soy sauce and a little thai curry paste for some spice.  That did the trick.

Behold my Warm Slaw Thai-Fry with Roasted Golden Beets:

img 198

(Toasted sesame seeds sprinkled on for garnish!)

It was GOOD!  And I even ate it with chopsticks!  So much better than take out and SOOO MUCH HEALTHIER!!

Which leads me to today’s discussion question: 
Do you have a favorite decadent dish (whether take-out or not) that you could tweak at home to make healthier?  If you’ve done so, how did it turn out? 

If you have one that you want to tweak but aren’t sure what might make it healthier, mention that too — I’ll be happy to offer suggestions if I have any and I’m sure the FitFeat readers will chime in with their ideas too!

On a side note… I’m aiming to get FitFeat moved over to a self-hosted site in the very near future (hopefully in the next week), so I want to start giving everyone a heads-up.  Currently if you go to it will automatically route you to, which is where the blog is currently housed.  Once I go self-hosted, it should just be  So if for some reason you follow along via subscripion or via Google reader and DON’T see a daily post after the move, please come looking for me!  I’ll post a notice out here before I make the switch when the time comes. 

Have a SWELL SATURDAY my friends!  Thanks again for reading and for all of your great comments!

See you next time!

–Shari B. =)


Dude, Where’s My Downhill?

3 09 2009

Oh peeps….I’m so tuckered and it’s not even 7:00 yet!  I’m posting before dinner tonight because I don’t know if I’ll even be awake to EAT it!  Here’s why…

When I signed off yesterday I mentioned that we’d be heading toward Colorado Springs for a hike.  We chose Barr Trail which if you follow it all 13 miles you’d end up at the summit of Pikes Peak.  (No, we were NOT planning to tackle that today.)  But we Googled the trail last night and the few bits we read about it said that the first half on the way to the midpoint camp wasn’t too bad, that it gains 1400 feet in altitude across a 4 mile stretch, and a picture showed this fairly flat(ish) tree-covered trail.  Plus people run a marathon on this trail every year (13 up, 13 down) so we thought, “Let’s just do half of it, and go to the Barr Camp – can’t be THAT hard.”  We also thought “If our easy 4 mile run on Tuesdays has 500 feet of ascent, 1400 across 4 miles will be a piece of cake because we won’t even be running.”

Um, let’s just say we were in for a surprise.  🙂

OK, first of all I may need to reread the aforementioned Google blurbs because we hiked 3000 feet UP today (not 1400 as stated in said article) during the first half of our hike which only totaled 7.67 miles roundtrip, so I don’t know what GPS that guy was using!  We only went halfway to the CAMP!  (But hey we can say we hiked over 25% of Pikes Peak today… hahaha!)  It was almost 1000 feet of ascent per mile.  I think we are more used to hikes that go up, hit a ridge, go down a minute, go up again.  This was up, up and more up.  Where were my beloved downhill portions?

This pic shows how far away the top of the 13 miles is (I think we were 3 miles in at this point.)  That is the tip top of Pikes Peak where the summit house is:

Pic1 008

This shows me taking a quick water break.  Our car is parked somewhere down in that valley far far away that you see behind me. My expression says it all here:

Pic1 004

My heart rate was at a constant 175 and it felt like we weren’t even moving!  Molasses going uphill moves faster than we were moving today.

People actually RUN this!?!?  (Click here for the proof.)  Are they crazy?  Do they carry oxygen tanks on their backs instead of water?  And I’m sorry, but they PAY a registration fee too?  Someone would have to pay ME to run this (and it would have to be a LOT!)  All kidding aside, I give major kudos to people who can do this.

So the moral of the story is:  I was handed my a$$ on a platter by Barr Trail today. 🙂  (But I still had an AWESOME time!)

Do you hike?  If so what kind of terrain?  Where is your fave trail? Drop me a comment!

Here are the EATS for this unusual day:

A fellow blogger I adore, The Fitnessista had her own recipe creation “the breakfast cookie” featured in Glamour’s “Vitamin G” fitness blog yesterday (very exciting!), so I told her I would have to try one.  You make it before you go to bed at night and when you wake up you have breakfast waiting in the fridge – which is great since we left the house super early this morning for the hike.  Ingredients included oats, mashed banana, raw almond butter, bit of rice protein powder, almond milk, and a few raisins.   She signs off her posts as G$ so I tried to use lite chocolate syrup to give her a shout out, but it comes out much faster than frosting and looks like a 2 year old wrote it…

Pic1 001

It paired nicely with a cup of Kenyan Roast:

Pic1 002

Mid-morning snack was an unpictured Coconut Cream Pie Larabar during the hike.  Coconut Cream Pie flavor is one I often use for energy before or during exercise.

After the hike, we were craving some mexican food for some reason, so we ended up at the 3 Margaritas in Monument, CO.  O..M..G… the Veggie Enchiladas were fanTAStic! I have to admit I was really surprised at how good this was!   I’ll definitely be getting them again.  Corn tortillas filled with chopped veggie mix (broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, red pepper) and topped with a carrot puree!  I ate both enchiladas, but just had a few bites of the black beans and rice.

z13 tres margaritas

I had a green smoothie for a late afternoon snack around 4:15.

Pic1 025

And dinner may or may not happen as I mentioned (I’m betting on NOT!)  If it does it will be a LAZY GIRL meal for sure, like a can of organic soup or something, because this bod is telling me to put it in PARK!  🙂

I hope you all have had a fun-filled day!  Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!  And a holiday weekend!  Enjoy it!  See you next time!

— Shari B. =)