FitFeat is MOVING Tonight! And a GIVEAWAY!

16 10 2009

Hi everyone!  The FitFeat blog is officially moving to self-hosted… wahooo!  Let me just say that I am SO ready for a bottle glass of wine.  I’ve been sitting at this PC for too long the last few days.  Things on the new site aren’t EXACT (yet) to the appearance of this one, but I’m pretty close.  🙂 

I’ve exported everything prior to this post and imported it all up to the new blog location.  So I’ll be “offline” for a day or so until the changes that have been made to the nameservers propogate.   The “orders” have been made – now it’s just a matter of waiting for everything to happen on the other end.

Once everything has switched over you can find me at:

BLOGROLLS:  If you have me in your blogroll (thank you!) please update with the new link. 

EMAIL SUBCRIPTIONS: If you signed up for the email subscription service, I should be able to change that manually on my end. 

RSS FEEDS:  if you had subscribed via the RSS feed, you will need to re-subscribe from the new site when it’s up.  I’d miss you if you don’t resubscribe 🙂 

READERS (i.e. Google Reader) and BOOKMARKS:  Again, you’ll need to update the link to the new location. 

My apologies for the inconvenience! 

My FitFeat email will also be in limbo until the nameservers switch over, so if you email me at and I don’t email you back quickly, chances are it’s hung up in the server change. 

[Those of you familiar w/ the WordPress redirect:  I had hoped to do a redirect via WordPress, but because I purchased the domain name within the past 60 days, I was unable to transfer management of the domain name to them for the upgrade.  😦 Hence all the changing.] 

As incentive (and THANKS) to keep you coming to FitFeat after the move, I’ll be hosting a giveaway from the new site next week!  Be sure to come by for the details!


Have a GREAT Friday night and an even better Saturday!  I’m so thankful to have each and every one of you reading the blog! 

Now, onto that glass of wine…  🙂

— Shari B.  =)




One response

17 10 2009

I hope everything goes smoothly…I am not close to self hosting yet (I don’t think)
I have been hankering to purchase some upgrades for more picture space and a video upgrade.

well see.

SO, have a restful day…get some off PC time and some of that gorgeous scenery of yours and have a great day

I have a certain striped scarf that is about 10 inches long already!
pictures later today…I am juggling 3 projects now…I finally understand knitters need to have more than one project on needles at a time.

I found SOFT yarn that is light weight but will be WARM cuz I found a great pattern for that!…beanie to match.

I’m gonna have to make two!

when you flip the switch, I’ll fix my links…it’s easy! (I don’t have the RSS stuff etc… just you on my blogroll and in my FAV’S list!


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