Too Many Avocados, Too Little Time

15 10 2009

Hello again blog buds! 

As promised I’m back with the continuation of Wednesday’s recap since I had to jet out so fast earlier this morning to make it to my running appointment!

After hiking yesterday with my good friend (thanks Keri!!) I snacked on a Chocolate Coconut Chew Larabar in the car.  Mmm it’s so like a coconut brownie, love this one!

img 269

By the time I got back to my house it was close to 1:00 – I had a late lunch that ended up being lunch and afternoon snack.  The beauties were staring at me from the counter:

img 270

So I figured now that they’re ripe I better get busy eating them!  I decided on lettuce wraps filled with avocado slices, yellow pepper, tomato and slivers of raw goat cheddar.  Sprinkle on some coarse-ground pepper and lunch was ready!  (Quite tasty AND filling…)

img 273

I spent a little time catching up on some of my favorite blogs and it seemed chickpeas were a strong theme around the blogosphere!  I thought for sure I’d make some thing relating to hummus or falafal after seeing all the gorgeous photos of various chickpea dishes.  But when dinnertime actually rolled around, all I wanted was some miso soup and sushi.  I chose the Bungee roll which is a cucumber/avocado roll with baked spicy salmon on top.   I miss having sushi on a regular basis!  I was a little worried about eating all the rice with the salmon (from an upset stomach standpoint) but all was well! 

img 276

After dinner we got decided to be spontaneous and use up some movie passes so we ran out to the theater.  Often I will bring my own snack in my purse with me, and maybe a bottle of water.  On this particular night, I was feeling the movie candy, so I decided to get some Welch’s Fruit Snacks.  Hey, if anything, I got a HINT of juice in my candy, since I didn’t have a green smoothie during the day!  😉 

So now that I still have 4 avocados to use up, I’d love to hear of your favorite avocado recipes!  I’m considering using one to make a “Choco-mole” from Gena at Choosing Raw.  But still have  A LOT of avocado to use up.  Outside of GUACAMOLE, what is your favorite way to eat an avocado? 

Alright my friends, off to continue working on my huge To-Do List!  (Which means I haven’t made it far enough into my Tony Robbins “The Time of Your Life” audio series yet, because apparently I will soon be taught how NOT to live and die by the dastardly To-Do list.)

I hope you are all enjoying your Thursday!  Looking forward to hearing your avocado uses!

See you tomorrow!

— Shari B. =)




5 responses

15 10 2009

well, I just said my post season good byes to avos…and yours made me happy!

I personally love them AS IS. with a splash of salt

a freind just made me raw chocolate pudding that called for 4 avocados.

I top my soup with them…or in sush rolls

HOW about a Dryer lint smoothie!
it has avocado in it!
(let me know if you need the recipe)
for me it’s a summer drink cuz it’s cool and refreshing but I am more in the warm mood these days.

oh..make veggie enchiladas and stuff them wiht avos

OH MY that sounds good!
can you tell I need to go eat lunch?
good luck

HEY, I am off to the craft store…sparkly pink anyone?
hat and scarf? RIGHT?

it’s in the line up!
stay warm my friend!

16 10 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Cindy!
Mmmm raw chocolate pudding with avos! YUM! I wonder if that’s somewhat like the chocomole recipe I saw (also raw).

What on earth is a dryer lint smoothie??? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Sounds interesting! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas, I knew I could count on you to chime in with awesome tips!

Sparkly pink hat and scarf? Wahoooooo!!!! If “in the lineup” means what I think it means — then I am SUPER SUPER STOKED!!! How exciting!! YAY!

Have a WONDERFUL Friday!!

16 10 2009

“in the line up” means yesterday at lunch I went yarn shopping and found a very perfect scarf/beanie combo and softest YARN EVER..(pink and light grey work for you???) if not, let me know because I will KEEP this if you don’t like grey…it’s WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY soft and I think it’s gonna be light and WARM and perfect for WOGGING!!! hahaha

so anyway because I am nuts….on my afternoon break I casted ON!
I am about 4 inches into it. ( I needed a sock break and I am still looking for a glove pattern that I need to do another project I am looking foward to)

(I couldn’t find “sparkly” pink yarn that was very soft…but THIS IS) it’s VERY PINK though!

I’ll go find you the recipe for Dryer Lint…another blogger created it and it’s one of my FAV’s (but for summer)

tomorrow I am doing a “yarn project” update so look for pics of it!


16 10 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Cindy! That is SO cool!! I’m so touched that you would do that for me — I’m actually a little teary-eyed right now! THANK YOU! I love grey, I love pink! Perfect!

That is really something special – thank you! 🙂 I will be so honored to wear them wogging (and everywhere else for that matter!)

16 10 2009

Hi Shari,
I’m a little late on this comment, perhaps you’ve eaten up all those yummy avocados but I pretty much like them sliced on any green or grain salad, and tucked into quesadillas or tacos. yum

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