The Case of the Rogue Kombucha?

12 10 2009

Good Monday morning to you! 

Hope you had a very nice weekend!  Mine was very relaxing due to the chilly weather … there was a lot of indoor lounging going on in my house Saturday and Sunday!  We did get out quite a bit too, but it was so nice each time to come home, get our “comfies” on and relax by the fire with some football on TV.

The 2.7 mile “social-cizing session yesterday with my good friend Jen was great!  It was definitely cold out, but I bundled up in my down jacket, mittens, earband and new trail runnersIt was like hiking on little pillows.  Perfect! 

Sunday eats were rather random, as they often are.  Mainly because we aren’t on any kind of regular schedule and we are usually running errands or out and about. 

MSP made me a wonderful breakfast of cage-free eggs with Ezekial toast (and Earth Balance vegan ‘butter’).

img 218

On the side was a small glass of my BUBBLY but for some reason this one wasn’t!  (bubbly that is)  Which freaked me out a little… kombucha tea is made of live cultures.  If it’s not fizzy, does that mean the seal was broken?  Does that mean bad bacteria gets in with the good bacteria? Or do the good live bacteria go all rogue in there and end up bad for you?  AAAAACCCKKK!  So I had a few sips then just had to dump the rest because I was scared!  Additionally, I don’t think Mystic Mango is a flavor I’ll have again.  Odd, I know – seeing how I’m the MANGO-HOLIC.  I’ll stick with my go-tos:  Gingerberry and Divine Grape

During errands out I had a Lemon Larabar.  And a goodie from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (a dark chocolate dipped Oreo).  MSP had a milk chocolate dipped s’more.    Love our Sunday treats!

After the chilly chat session with Jen I came home to watch the remainder of the Broncos game with this plate of goodies:  kale chips, a big plop of hummus, baby carrots and baked pita chips.  Then I went back for seconds on the kale chips and have used up the whole batch I made Saturday.  I’ll have to make some more today!

img 225

When dinnertime rolled around I felt I was really lacking in greens for the day, so I made a supersized green smoothie.  This one had cucumber, kale, green leaf lettuce, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, celery, pepitas, half a banana and half a pear.  Plus about a tablespoon of hemp oil

img 227

It made two huge glasses … and I couldn’t finish it all!  I got about halfway through the second glass and cried uncle

I was apparently quite tired because I was out like a light at 8:30.  Which meant I woke up rested and ready for this morning’s workout:

Weight Training (Back/Traps):

  • TM Warmup 5 minutes, followed by arm circles
  • DB Rows 4 working sets of 12, 12, 12, 11 reps
  • Upright Rows  4 working sets of 15, 11, 11, 11 reps
  • DB Shrugs 3 working sets of 16, 15, 15 reps
  • Lower Trap Pulls 3 working sets of 20, 15, 15 reps
  • Rear Delt Flyes 3 sets of 15 reps
  • Tricep Dips 3 sets of 12 reps
  • Ball Crunches 3 sets of 20 reps


I have another crazy-long list of Monday To-Dos as usual, one of which may be to get started on my “sprouting experiment“.  I bought some cheesecloth yesterday and I have one glass jar set aside and want to try to sprout something.  I happen to have some millet on-hand and have heard that can be sprouted, so that might be my first try. 

Do you do any of your own sprouting?  Have you had success?  Any tips you’d like to share with the FitFeat readers?  Please drop a comment in the comments section!  We’d love to hear from you!

Also just another quick reminder that FitFeat will soon be going self-hosted, so the web address may change a bit.  I hope to ‘flip the switch’ this coming weekend but will plan to put out a post just prior to the move so you’ll know where to find me! 

Thanks again for reading and commenting!  Have a great day and I’ll see ya tomorrow!

— Shari B. =)




9 responses

12 10 2009

I used to ‘sprout’ alot. I enjoyed it and loved the fresh taste. I used the plastic mesh lids that fit over any quart jar. It was easy, fairly fast and a great source of nutrients I think. I stopped when I began reading alot about toxins that are found in all sprouts…I can’t remember the details now as it was eons ago but a search on Dr Andrew Weil’s website will probably give you information you may want to read so you can make informed decisions whether to proceed or not. Not trying to scare anyone off, just addtl info may be helpful.

12 10 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Joan! Thanks for the info about sprouts and for pointing me in the direction of Dr. Weil. I had heard blurbs here and there about bacteria in sprouts and I guess I had always thought that was in store-bought ones. Until I read Dr. Weil’s article that is!! Yikes! He doesn’t think I should be eating ANY alfalfa sprouts because they are the worst of the bunch.

When I began spending a lot of time reading about traditional chinese medicine/nutrition alfalfa sprouts was one of the main components to helping with a stagnant liver qi, so I have been eating them almost every day for the last 6+ months! So far so good. I’m somewhat torn! I want to eat them, and make my own sprouts – but I don’t want to get salmonella! Have I just been super lucky so far, I wonder?

Definitely some food for thought!

12 10 2009

Good luck with sprouting, I’m still learning myself and haven’t braved anything beyond mung beans and alfalfa seeds. I just googled based on the previous readers comments, and had read somewhere else about toxins in sprouts.

I do trust Dr. Weil – I’m not sure what to think! Seems like no matter what you do there is always going to be someone telling you why you shouldn’t do it. UGH!

12 10 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hey Alison!! I read that same article today too. I think I am leaning toward taking my chances – you and I are big Brendan Brazier fans… he wouldn’t lead us astray, right? 🙂 I love the idea that they are SO nutrient dense — but I think I won’t go SO gangbusters with sprouts as I’d been figuring I would. I’m hoping that the fact I haven’t contracted something in the last 6 mos. of eating Alfalfa Sprouts doesn’t just mean its a numbers game and I’ve only been lucky so far. I hope it’s more a testament to my superstrong immune system!?! 😉 I’m definitely a little torn now, and need to do some more reading.

Thanks for posting a comment and the link! Have a great day!!

12 10 2009

Hola! I’ve been awol for a few weeks due to life and well, because I’m trying not to spend so much time on so that I can get more things done. I miss reading your blog so here I am and I’m off work today (thank you Christopher Columbus) so here I am. 🙂

I recently (like last week) tried my hand at sprouting. I sprouted sunflower seeds and I think I was successful. I say, “I think” because I have no idea if they were supposed to look, taste or smell the way they did! It took about 4 days to sprout 1/2 cup. Afte I sprouted them, I tossed them in salads for some nice texture. I was aiming for them to look like the sunflower sprouts I see at Wholefood’s salad bar but my were small actually they were tiny in comparison and not as green.

I see you’re eating kale! I love kale; especially baked! It’s one of my favorites. Coincidentally, I am “dehydrating” some kale in my oven right now. Trying to make “cheesy/savory” kale chips.

1 bunch of kale torn into pieces
1/2-1cup cashews (soaked for a couple of hours)
1 red or orange bell pepper, seeded and chopped
1 Tblsp. nutrional yeast ( I love this stuff)
Juice of one lemon
1/2 tsp of sea salt

Puree all (except kale) in the food processer until well blended. Pour over kale and “massage” making sure all kale is covered with mixture.

Place in dehydrator if you have one (probably 12-24 hours or until desired crispiness.) I don’t have a dehydrator so I don’t really know how long one would dehydrate. Mine are in the oven, set at my lowest oven temperature which is 175 degrees with the oven door cracked open. They’ve been in since 8:30 am and my house smells divine. If they don’t have the desired crispiness, I’ll probably leave them overnight but right now they’re looking pretty good. I’ll report back and let you know how they turned out.

Oh and that smoothie looks so delicious! I can’t get mine to look quite that good. Do you add any liquid to yours?

Hope you’re enjoying your Monday.

12 10 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Alexandra!! I’m SO happy to hear from you – I’ve missed ya sister! I was so tempted to send you an email but then I figured I’d seem like a stalker-blogger or something!

Thanks for sharing your sprouting experience — I’ve never had sunflower sprouts but they sound good! I’ll definitely post whether I’m successful or not. Do you think since yours were smaller than WF’s that they could have grown for more time? I’m just thinking out loud, since I have no idea! The only thing I’ve ever really grown was wheat grass — which I love! But couldn’t use it fast enough!

Your kale recipe sounds amazing! I don’t have a dehydrator yet. I think I may want one someday, but I’m not high enough on the ‘high raw’ scale to feel I’m ready for one yet. 🙂 Your kale sounds so much better than my plain olive oil and garlic salt. I will DEFINITELY try your recipe! Thank you so much for sharing with us! I don’t even know how low my oven goes! I’ve never used it less than 300. Hmm, will have to check into that!

Do you eat primarily raw meals?

Re: the smoothie: Yes, I do add a little liquid – I start all of my green smoothies with 8 oz of water (no ice).

Hope you are enjoying your Columbus Day – glad you get to have it off of work! Thanks for taking time to visit the blog today – I’m really happy to hear from you! Hope you are doing well!

12 10 2009

Hi again,

LOL! I had to laugh at the stalker comment! I would not have thought you a stalker! Thank you for thinking of me. Don’t be afraid to email me if I disappear. Sometimes I just need a little nudge….I really can’t stay away from the internet for very long. I’m fine really, just a little overwhelmed with trying to get everything in – work, home, exercise, eating well, etc. Oh, and enough sleep tood. You know how it goes.

Do I eat primarily raw? No, I would say most of my meals are mixed. Typically, each meal will contain raw foods along with cooked foods sometimes more raw foods, sometimes more cooked depending on what I’m in the mood for. During the summer, I crave more raw or lightly cooked foods but as the fall and winter approach, I tend more towards cooked foods which I find “comforting”. I’ve noticed that that a meal of all raw foods doesn’t satisfy me and I’m hungry again 1-2 hours later. Maybe it’s phsycological, I don’t know.

The cheesy/savory kale chips were a success! I only “dehydrated” them for 4 hours and they were delicious. Have you ever tried

They are available at my local Wholefoods but they are expensive – about $8 per bag. Anyway, those are what I was trying to duplicate and they turned out exactly the same! I’m in heaven. You must try them!

It’s a little past 8pm here and chilly. I’m off to drink some chamomile (I’m having a lover affair with chamomile tea these days) tea and do some reading before going to bed.

Hope your day ended on a good note!

PS, please forgive my grammer and spelling mistakes in my first post! Holy moly, I need to slow down.

14 10 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Alexandra! OK, good, glad to know you wouldn’t think my a crazy stalker! I’ll email freely in the future! 🙂

Isn’t it crazy how expensive some of the raw food items can be at the store? $8 is super-steep. I saw some raw macaroons at WF I wanted to buy this past weekend, and they too were $8. I just can’t justify that kind of expense. Your kale recipe really looks amazing – I can’t wait to try it!

Hope you enjoyed your chamomile and reading! Sounds like heaven to me!

13 10 2009

Hey Shari

millet does sprout but it’s real delicate…I tried it once…it was fun and fast.

mung beans, are my and delish!

I have sprouted beans and seeds and nuts…they’re all fun! (and very digestable)

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