I’m in Shoe Heaven!

11 10 2009

Hello blog buds!  How is  your Sunday going?

Mine is flying by as fast as the cold jet stream that’s blasting us with the Canadian deep freeze!  I don’t understand the time-phenomenon that makes Mondays drag and the weekends go by in double-speed!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the winter sports question… I am now convinced to give snow-shoeing a try again this year, but with properly sized equipment!  I’ll keep cross-country skiing as a close second on the list for now… I will have to convince MSP to try that one with me!

Speaking of WINTER, I must confess that I wimped out on the Bluffs yesterday.  It just kept feeling colder and colder outside.  We broke a record yesterday for not only the LOWEST temp for October 10 (a 109 year old record, I might add) but also broke the record for the coldest high temp on Oct. 10:  26 degrees.  When MSP and I ran errands yesterday I was so chilly that the thought of going back out in it just made me shiver.  I wanted nothing more than to curl up under my Sunbeam Heated Throw (set to HIGH) and get some warmth flowing. 

So I called up my friend and asked if she’d be allow me to be a total ninny!  I asked if she’d be up for meeting today instead since it was SUPPOSED to be 54 degrees.  Guess what it is right now?  29 degrees at 1:00 in the afternoon.  Damn the weather forecasters and their lies! 

But I won’t bail today.  Stick with me here till I get to the moral of the story below and you’ll see why! I went down to the Nike factory outlet just a little while ago, as I’ve been in dire need of some new running shoes.  And I scored BIG-TIME!! 

My old Nike Shox 2:40 running shoes have no tread left to speak of and actually have a crack in the bottom:

img 223

Close friends know that I have been addicted to Nike Shox shoes since 2003.  I would determine the costs of things based on how many pair of Shox said purchase would cost.  Plane ticket home to visit family?  Uh, no .. I could buy three pair of Shox with that kind of dough!   Groceries?   Nah, not this week… that would equal one pair of Shox. 

I’m (somewhat) over this crazy addiction, especially since I changed careers this year and don’t have any the same amount of disposable income as I had a few months back.

No luck finding Shox that wowed me enough to take money my from savings (they were all $69 and up, which YES is a bargain for Shox, but at my current income level not worth THAT much).  Instead I found a beautiful pair of AirMax Torch 3’s.  Aren’t they PURRRTY??? 

img 221

And for the BONUS SCORE, a pair of Nike ACG Trailframe trail runners for $19!  Yes, you read that right:  NINETEEN buckaroonies… Now I’ll feel like I have some traction again, instead of feeling like I’m running uphill with buttered shoe-bottoms

img 219

Moral of the story:  trying out new trail shoes trumps sub-freezing temps!  So now I’m all excited to get outside in this crazy cold and see how the new trail kicks do!

I’ll leave you with the “action shot” MSP took last night (his words) of me grating some raw goat cheese onto my dinner.  Yes we had pita pizza again.  I know – I’m so boring  🙂  But when something is so tasty (and healthy even) it’s hard not to crave it every day!  Soon I’ll get so sick of pita pizzas that I will probably not have them for like a year.  This happened once with Body-for-Life enchiladas:  MSP and I LOVED them, ate them WAY too often, and then the mere smell of enchilada sauce would make us gag.  Luckily we are over that…

img 212

Hope you are all having a super Sunday!  See you tomorrow!

— Shari B.  =)




2 responses

11 10 2009

WOW! what a score! how’d you find those!?

12 10 2009
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[…] was great!  It was definitely cold out, but I bundled up in my down jacket, mittens, earband and new trail runners.  It was like hiking on little pillows.  […]

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