Bitten by the Hungry Bug

2 10 2009

Wahooo TGIF!  I love Fridays and Saturdays!  Got any big plans for the weekend? 

My Thursday started off with a little Rascal looking at me through my coffee mug.  I sure love that little guy!  It doesn’t matter what kind of day I’m having – Rascal can alwas put a smile on my face. 

img 041

Speaking of smiles, here’s another on on my morning toast!  (Ezekial with almond butter and raw honey.)

img 043

After a client session this morning, I ate half of a HUGE cantaloupe. 

img 045

I blasted through my to-do list, then did my ADC (attention-deficit-cardio).  I can tell I’m not ready to be running indoors just yet:  I was on the treadmill for about a mile then had to start mixing other things in because the monotony of the TM was killing me.  I did intervals of step-ups, mountain climbers, bench hops, jumping jacks.  Anything to keep my heart rate high and not bore me to death

Mid-morning, I finished off my Gingerberry Kombucha, in a wine glass 😉  Makes it feel more festive!

img 047

So one of the new (to me) veggies that I picked up at Whole Foods on my quest to try new foods was Red Chard.  Very Christmasy looking!  It almost makes a good centerpiece!

img 048

I wilted it over medium heat in some macadamia nut oil, seasoned it with a little onion powder and fresh ginger, then topped it with a tiny drizzle of agave nectar.  Thought it might go well with the leftover Spicyaki Boulder Bowl from Tokyo Joe’s.  The chard wasn’t bad, but not one of my favorites (at least prepared in this manner.)  I’ll try some in a green smoothie and see how that goes.

img 049

I was still hungry after I finished the plate above, so I  made a quick open-faced sandwich of Ezekial, herbed goat cheese, sliced cucumber, slice of tomato, and a sprinkle of pepper.

img 050

And a few squares of dark chocolate make the lunch complete:

img 052

My standard afternoon snack:  Larabar!  This time I had Ginger Snap, with a side of green tea.

img 053

For dinner I made MSP a swiss & spinach chicken roll with a side of rice pilaf.

img 054

And for me, I made a MONSTER of a salad with a side of Amy’s Organics Split Pea soup.  This is my new salad bowl (I think it is literally 12″ or more in diameter…  I’ll have to measure.  It is HUGE!)  My salad was bursting with ingredients:  spinach, kale, red chard, cucumber, tomato, dulse, nutritional yeast, sprouts, zucchini ribbons.  I made a vinaigrette of hemp oil, olive oil, basalmic vinegar, a pinch of lime juice and a pinch of agave.  Turned out pretty tasty!

img 055

While MSP was at softball late in the evening, I had almond milk flavored with some chocolate syrup, and an unpictured banana with almond butter and honey

img 058

I have been seriously bitten by the hungry bug this week!  (I even have a pic to prove it!!)


The little bugger got me good, no wonder I’m famished!!  😉  I’m having a tough time feeling full for some reason this week.  I wonder if it’s this streak of cold weather we’re having and my body thinking it needs some extra insulation for the winter!  I better dress warm today to trick it!  Since it is currently 28 degrees(Dear Summer, please, I beg you… do not leave me yet!  I’m not ready!)

When the hungry bug bites, I don’t want to ignore it completely if I’m truly feeling hungry (and not bored, stressed, tired or thirsty.)  In this situation I aim to fill up on nutrient-dense, high volume food, which is why I had such a HUGE salad for dinner.   It would be really easy to go grab something that I can stick my whole face into like a bag of baked chips, crackers, cookies, etc.  But I know that would just be adding insult to injury, and not doing any good for my body or my mood.  So I eat quality foods until I feel full.  If that doesn’t do the trick or if I have a feeling I’m just craving things for emotional reasons, usually a hot cup of herbal tea or a decaf coffee will work wonders.

Today’s questions:  Do you have your own strategy to fight off food cravings if you know they aren’t true hunger signals?  Do you have a “go-to” food or beverage that will squelch any cravings and keep you feeling fit?  Drop me a comment!  I’d love to hear from you! 

(Speaking of comments, where’s my sister-from-anotha-mister, Alexandra??  Hope you are doing well!)

Have a fit & fabulous FRIDAY! 

— Shari B. =)






2 responses

2 10 2009

GOOOOOOOOOOOOD morning miss TGIF (here here to THAT~
can you ship me your eats from yesterday…it’s exactly my fav’s…from the flavor of Kombucha tea…to the larabar…to the HUGE salad and split pea??



I only jog/walk on my garage treadmill…so I have to work pretty hard to keep things distracted…I am about to plug in my portable movie player soon and start watching good movies!

could help.

actually when I have food cravings…I eat them. (as long as I am satisfied it’s not like you said..boredom, thirst etc. )

if I want a bit of ice cream..I eat it…last night I had a had a handfull of flat pretzles…had the nibbles…but later we had green smoothie (WITH celery thank you very much) for dinner…second night this week.

it’s a PERFECT simple dinner.

I ended up NOT jogging (me n the hubs needed an let’s just hang out night) so it was nice too even though I skipped my work out

and rascal is sooooooooooooo cute!

3 10 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Cindy! Thanks so much for commenting, I appreciate it! 🙂

Yes, definintely plug in the portable movie player at your treadmill! I do have a TV right there, but I would pick running outside ANY day over being stuck inside on the TM. Typically I’ll only do intervals on it because any steady-state distance on there bores me to absolute tears. Sometimes I’ll watch my recorded shows on the TM and will walk on an incline during the show portion, then sprint sets during the commercials.

Sounds like you had the perfect hang-out night w/ the hubby! I love those nights!

(Rascal says thank you for the compliment! 😉 )

Hope you are having a wonderfu weekend!

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