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1 10 2009

Happy October! 

It certainly FEELS like October this morning.  The sun is up but it’s only 41 degrees outside right now, with an expected high of 55.  Brrrr!  But luckily, in usual Colorado style, it’s still GORGEOUS to look at:  blue sky and puffy white clouds. 

Since I’ll be posting the new page (tab) soon that I mentioned yesterday, I thought in honor of that I’d make this post about how I build my own green smoothie base.  I’d been asked in the comments section a while back, and the ‘recipe’ I use is was in the reply rather than in an actual post that I can link to for readers who would like to give green smoothies a try.

Because I like this one so much, I don’t deviate from it very often.  The only real change I make is selecting the fruit choice for the day, or whether I’ll add in some sort of protein powder or essential fat.  But the green part usually starts the same.  Here’s how I build mine…

  • I start by putting 8 oz water in my blender jar. 
  • Then I add peeled cucumber (half if it’s a large cucumber, or whole if it’s a small one.)
  • Next up is one or two stalks of celery (which I do cut into smaller pieces before adding to the blender.)
  • I then grab a handful of alfalfa sprouts and a large fisful of spinach.

img 026

  • After my “green foundation veggies” are in, I select my add-ins.   Sometimes it’s half of a pear, some cantaloupe, or a mango.  Sometimes it’s clementine oranges and/or carrots.  On this particular day, I chose a whole banana and a kiwi.  And since it was a postworkout shake, I included a scoop of vanilla rice protein powder.

img 027

  • Once all the ingredients are in the blender jar, I press the “whole juice” button and plug my ears!  (My blender is CRAZY loud!) 
  • This one has a preset blend time (when I was using my mom’s Osterizer, I would blend for about 90 seconds to 2 minutes) 
  • Pour into a glass of your choice, admire all those nutrients in your concoction and enjoy!  My version ususally makes one full drinking glass plus another half.

img 028

So there you have it – a base recipe to begin building your own green smoothies!

My smoothie was my breakfast for the day.  I spent a little time catching up on some of the blogs I follow and two of them were discussing one of my favorite drinks, Kombucha tea.  So naturally I started craving one and had to pick one up when I was out and about.  I only buy these puppies when they are on sale for $1.99.  I refuse to pay $2.99 for one for some reason.  Then I only drink half and save the other half for the next day (be sure to refrigerate it.)  My two favorite flavors are Divine Grape and Gingerberry.   If you’ve never had one, they are very tart and tangy, almost with a bit of vinegar flavor, and they are naturally fermented so they are VERY fizzy when you open them.  You DO NOT want to shake it up before opening or people will think you are doing the Mentos/Pepsi experiment.  Kombucha has live active enzymes and probiotics in it, among other things that are good for us. 

img 031

At lunchtime, I had another veggie wrap like the one from Tuesday.  This time I’m giving you a close-up:

img 035

It’s a whole wheat tortilla, with a smear of Tofutti “better than cream cheese” spread, sprinkled with pepitas and toasted sesame seeds.  I added sliced avocado, tomato, sprouts, and spinach, then wrapped it all up.  I ate Mashed Faux-tatoes on the side.

In the evening we had some errands that had to be done, so we picked up dinner out at Tokyo Joe’s, one of my favorite ‘fast food’ places because they are very healthy.  I had half of this Boulder Veggie Bowl (with grilled tofu, brown rice and mixed steamed veggies) and “spicy-yaki” sauce on the side to drizzle.

img 037

I made the mistake today of not eating enough early in the day, and so was totally famished in the evening.  I baked a partial package of these “Immaculate Baking Co.” cookies for MSP and I to share as a nighttime snack.  While they aren’t healthy or low sugar, at least they are without transfatty acids and HFCS.  I made a cup of decaf coffee to drink with them, while we watched another taped episode of Hell’s Kitchen. 

img 039

As far as FEATS for the day… it was time for some strength training! It felt so good to use my real weights and be in my home gym again.  Here’s the workout I did:

Weight Training (chest/bis/shoulders):

  • TM warmup for 5 minutes plus arm circles
  • Smith Bench Press 4 working sets of 12, 10, 9, 7 reps
  • PecDeck 4 working sets of 15, 12, 12, 10 reps
  • Standing DB Bicep Curls 4 working sets of 15, 10, 10, 7 reps
  • Side Lateral Raises 4 working sets of 15, 12, 10, 10 reps

Ahh, home sweet home.  🙂

— Shari B. =)

Edited at 9:47 to add: 
p.s. OK folks, the blog updates are made!  I’ve added the “Build-A-Meal” tab to start placing links to recipes I make (thank you Carrie and Joan!)  I’ve also added a SEARCH widget at the bottom of the right sidebar so that if there is something you’d like to search for on FitFeat, now you can!  Have a great day everyone and thanks so much for reading my blog!




2 responses

1 10 2009

Nice job on the new tab..and YEAH for a quick link to recipes…I’ve been playing some tab changes too….

vaca’s are nice but nothing is nicer than HOME eh?

and those two flavors are MY FAVS too…they are tart and zingy…love it..I also like the mango one (the first one I ever had) and they are closer to 4bucks a peice here and I was getting enough to chug a half a one a day…but sadly those days of indulging in overpriced bev’s are gone. I found coconut milk yogurt so now that’s where I get my Pros!

I do love Kombucha tea though!

I like your smoothie that is…mine are even simpler…banana, water, frozen mango chunks and cucumber and spinach…
I always have celery around so next time I make one I will try that.

OH and since this comment is incredibly long I will also tell you I like to green smoothie it for dinner once or twice a week..(when I am lazy)

but I also do my jogs at night so it is a great pre jog snack.

stay warm

3 10 2009
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