Roadside Finds

24 09 2009

Happy Thursday blog buds!

So I just have to say I am LOVING all of the comments about you guys trying green smoothies (and some purple ones too!)  Thank you all for sharing your experiences. 

While on the subject of fresh produce…

One of the things I’ve noticed while touring through my birth state of Michigan is the number of permanent roadside produce stands.  That’s something I don’t really see where I live in Colorado.  I’m in the ‘burbs and we have a set day each week for the local farmer’s market, which I love to visit.  But how great would it be to have a huge selection of different roadside stands with fresh fruits and veggies open and available to you spring through fall?  I realize I can go to the grocery store at any time and choose pretty much any produce, but I love the idea of the roadside stands knowing that I’d be getting fresh local produce straight from the farm it grew on.  Especially after reading books like “In Defense of Food”, “Food Matters” or seeing the movie “Food, Inc.”

During the RV trip we passed orchards full of apples and peaches; vineyards and cherry farms; cranberry marshes and blueberry fields.  Roadside stands advertising fresh sourdough bread or cherry pies or homemade preserves.   And these stands were busy too, which I was very pleased to see.  I am so glad that people are choosing to support their local farmers and economy.

I suppose this is something that I saw all the time as a kid here, but never really appreciated. 

Today’s questions: Do you have access to any of these types of permanent stands where you live?  Do you grow your own produce?  Visit farmer’s markets? 

Mmmm all of a sudden I am craving apple pie….  😉

On to my recap for yesterday. 

In the morning I started my day with a mug of coffee in the camper.  I’ve been waking up every morning around 5:00 AM.  Truly when I get back to the Mountain Time Zone, I’m going to be on a sleeping pattern of 7:00 PM to 3:00 AM.  🙂  I hope I don’t mess up MSP’s sleep!

After coffee I took two bites of a Coconut Cream Pie Larabar for a few calories to sustain me during my morning run.  I ran 3.5 miles along the shore of this beautiful lake:

Mich 089

It had rained all night but luckily stopped just in time for me to run.  The sun came out toward the end.

Mich 101

When I got back I was ready for something FAST to eat, so I finished up this half-cantaloupe.

Mich 098

And I was still hungry to I finished off my cold veggie mini-pizza from the night before.

Mich 099

When lunchtime rolled around I still had some leftover tuna fish ‘salad’ from the previous day.  There wasn’t much at all so I followed it with some pepitas until I was full (and a few pieces of saltwater taffy for dessert!)  😉

Mich 102

About 2 hours later, I had half of a leftover Larabar, Chocolate Coconut Chew. (I sound like a broken record – all my meals are leftovers!)

Mich 109

And then we pulled in to my mom’s driveway!  The end of the RV trip.  So of course with all the counterspace now available to me, I had to make a green smoothie!  This one was a little different because I had forgotten I had some frozen fruit mix all the time I was in the RV (that I found while unloading!) 8 oz water, fist o’spinach, 1/2 cucumber, frozen fruit mix (mango, strawberry, peach) and some baby carrots.  It was dinnertime but no one else was ready to eat so this would have to tide me over.

Mich 107

Then for dinner I made a Gardenburger with some chopped onions, roma tomatoes, mustard and sweet pepper sticks for my “fries”.  I also munched on some unpictured Sun Chips.

Mich 112

We spent time before bed going over all of the pictures we took on the trip, and did a lot of laughing.  🙂

Today I head on to my brother’s house for the next few nights so I can spend some time with him, my sister-in-law and my 2 year old niece.  I can hardly wait to see her!  She and I get to spend all day together on Friday – I’m guessing that will be my exercise that day!  😉  Bet I’ll be tuckered out at the end of the day for sure! 

I won’t be posting tomorrow because I plan to devote the full day to my niece since I only get to see her once or twice a year. 

Enjoy your Thursday and have an even better Friday!  Keep the comments coming, I love hearing from all of you! 

— Shari B. =)




4 responses

24 09 2009

I love leftovers! no cooking and yum eating!

OH we have a strawberry stand nearby…I guess I should go make a stop.

lazy schmazy!

I love road side stands… we almost always stop at some…but the one that is CLOSE to me…I ignore!


enjoy your neice!

24 09 2009

Did I tell you that I finally found Larabars? I bought an entire box of them! So far, my favorite is the chocolate coconut chew – I love chocolate!

Have fun with Tatum!! She is such a cutie pie!

29 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Carrie, hope you had a GREAT weekend in SB! Where did you find a whole box of Larabars? Was it an assortment box? Wow, nice! I love Choc Coconut Chew too! It’s like a coconut chocolate brownie! I also love Cashew Cookie and Banana Bread. I’ve heard of some flavors that I can’t find, like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

24 09 2009

I have a permanent vegie/fruit stand but it’s 30 min by car away and not on my way to anything. I frequent farmers markets (closest being 8 blocks away) till my own garden starts supplying. I find I can spend $25/week on organic vegies and fruit at the grocery store…$7-8/week (vegies only) if I go to a organic farmers market stall and $0 (organic vegies only) all summer when I harvest from my own back yard. Quite a savings! I’m still getting green beans, blueberries, kale and lettuce. I’ll have to be supplementing soon from the grocery store though.

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