Foxy Running in the Wilderness (or Rewind, Part Two)

23 09 2009

Hi blog friends!

Well no luck on the internet connection again last night once we arrived at the next state park.  So I’m back today feeling a bit behind but hoping to get caught back up.  Still no 3G so I’ll be uploading highlight photos rather than all of my food pics.  I’m starting to think there isn’t any 3G in the state of Michigan!

On to the Monday rewind:  we had an EARLY agenda and a busy day of sightseeing ahead.   It was absolutely pouring when we woke up and into the first half of the day.   

Breakfast was Ezekial toast and a scoop of Vega whole food optimizer (since I knew I wouldn’t be making a smoothie that day) mixed with almond milk. 

 1 Breakfast

Later, while on our boat ride to view the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore I had a Cashew Cookie Larabar.   I was really wishing for a steaming mug of cocoa instead.  It was very windy and damp but so insanely beautiful!  I just love the water:  the sound, the smell, the view!

This is the coast on the upper side of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, on Lake Superior for The Monday Postcard:

Pic3 161

Isn’t it pretty?

We learned about the Lake Superior whitefish caught in the bay there where the boat was docked.  So I asked the tour guide where I could try some of this local fare.  He recommended a great little place called “The Dogpatch”.   The menu only showed deep fried whitefish on their sandwich, so I asked if I could have it prepared some other way.  Broiled is what I went with. 

3 lunch Munising Whitefish

I ate it all on half of the bun, open-faced style, then ate about 6 of the fries.

Next I got the day’s exercise pushing g-ma up and down a trail to go view Tahquamenon Falls.  We parked g-ma at the observation deck, then mom and I took the big staircase down to the bottom.  Between the stair climbing and pushing g-ma back UP the trail to the car, I got a fairly decent workout for the day.

It had been a damp, rainy and LONG day so we were definitely ready to get back to camp and have some dinner.  I had my lazy girl dinner by microwaving a can of Amy’s Organic Vegetable Barley Soup while my RV mates had egg burritos. 

Before bed we watched a movie, so they had butter pecan ice cream and I ate a “Nana’s NOs” cookie (NO gluten, NO dairy, NO refined sugars) – I love those cookies! 

Now for Tuesday’s rewind:

I bought myself a souvenir mug at a giftshop.  It holds a lotta java!  So this was the start to my Tuesday, just how I like it!

Mich 008

I went for a walk with my mom before breakfast and then out for a quick run on my own.  Combined total was probably not more than 3 or 4 miles.  If you can believe it, even my Garmin GPS running watch wouldn’t catch a satellite where we were.  It just kept saying “Locating Satellites”…  When I was out by myself I came across this cute little guy getting his breakfast under a tree.  We crossed paths a couple of times during my outing.   He’s The Tuesday Postcard.

Mich 014

When I got back to the camper I had an apple and a scoop of Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer.   Later for lunch we were again on the side of the road at another rest area, so I made a big bowl of tuna fish with a ton of chopped celery, some chopped sweet pickles, a smidge of mayo and squeeze of mustard. 

My afternoon “snack” was a few pieces the saltwater taffy that I bought it in Mackinaw City.  Brings back a lot of memories of going to Cedar Point as a kid.  We always had saltwater taffy there.  I still need to Google why Mackinac bridge is spelled differently than Mackinaw City.  Maybe someday when I’m back in 3G country…  oh high speed internet, how I miss you so.

Mich 080

Dinner was my best yet while RV-ing.  Italiano!!  With vino!!  Mom and g-ma were having ‘personal pizzas’ so I spread olive oil on my crust, and topped with red pepper flakes, sliced roma tomatoes, zucchini ribbons, sundried tomatoes, green olives, and green peppers.  After baking I added some nutritional yeast.  It was FANTASTIC!!  I had a side salad (that was bigger than my pizza) and a small glass of the local cherry reisling.  The whole meal was great. 

Mich 094

As it turns out that was probably our last night on the road (one day early.)  We are on the return trip now, so should be back to mom’s casa tonight.  I think they got tired of me cussing at my slow internet connection and decided to drive faster.  😉

Today’s question: Do you have a special food that takes you back to a good memory the way saltwater taffy does for me?   

Thanks again everyone for being patient with my lags between posts!  I don’t know what the rest of my vacation will bring as far as internet goes, since I’ll probably be at my brother’s house until Sunday night or Monday morning.  His town is further out in the boonies than my mom’s is, so I’m crossing my fingers!  😉  But I’ll have lots of counter space, restroom space, and personal space so no complaints from me!

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday! 

— Shari B. =)




One response

23 09 2009

awww LOVIN’ your trip!

I NEVER got to do a Ma and Gma trip…Memories for sure!

love your pizza and your FISH sandwich!

I can’t think of any fun memory food right now! but TAFFEY makes me DROOL!

love that stuff!

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