Pretty as a Postcard

19 09 2009

Happy Saturday! 

Thought I’d start the post with this pretty shot from last night’s walk after we made it to our first stop on the RV tour.  This is on Lake Michigan. The water was REALLY choppy and the waves were crashing against the end of the pier.

Pic3 064

Hope you all had a great Friday!  Here’s the recap of mine:

My unplanned exercise for Friday consisted of a whole lot of stair climbing while getting the RV packed up and ready to go.  My mom’s house is 3 stories, with their main living level on the second so I think I made (what felt like) 50 trips up and down the stairs. 

Then after driving 250 miles, we arrived at the first state park on the list, so my mom and I took a quick 1.2 mile walk to check out the lighthouse on the pier (and I wanted to scope out possible running areas for my Saturday morning run.)

Having lived in Colorado for the last 18 years and being blessed with such amazing scenery all the time, it’s easy to forget how pretty the Great Lakes are: never-ending sandy beaches and huge waves, sailboats and lighthouses.  I’m sure I’m going to take a million pictures by the time this trip is over.

Coffee and breakfast were at mom’s house (Ezekial toast with peanut butter plus a banana appetizer):

Pic3 033

Pic3 034

Pic3 035

Lunch was in Indiana along the turnpike (Ezekial sandwich with avocado, tomato from mom’s garden, sprouts, pepper and mustard.) 

Pic3 043

My afternoon snack was yet ANOTHER new flavor of Larabar that I found, Pistachio!!  Well new to me anyway – I’ve never seen this flavor before anywhere!  I’ll be buying this one again if I can ever find it.

Pic3 045

We made a very late dinner after we were all set up in the campground at the state park.  Mom and G-ma had hot dogs while I had a naked Gardenburger and a side salad.  My salad seems to be limited by the size of my paper bowl!  I should have brought a huge Tupperware from home for my monster-sized salads.  I’m sure they will be happy when my produce supply starts to diminish – I am completely hogging the mini-fridge in this camper. 

Pic3 065

After that it was time to chill.  I made a cup of mango passionfruit herbal tea before bed and read a little.  RV-ing is apparently very exhausting  😉

This morning, we all woke up once at 4:50, then tried to sleep for another hour.   After a warm cup of coffee on a chilly morning, the sun started to come up so it was time to hit the pavement.   I’d found a gorgeous boardwalk on the evening walk that went all the way from the lighthouse pier into the town.  The run was great.  My thanks to Carrie for her great note in the comments section urging me not to miss out on the chance to sightsee this way – it inspired me to get out there.  

I ran a 4 mile route before breakfast to tour the town and the harbor.  It was FANTASTIC!!  They are setting up for a Salmon Festival in this town and there is a Saturday Farmer’s Market.  I was out while they are all getting their tents and booths all set up.  I passed a lot of fisherman and people out walking dogs with their coffee in hand.  I could so be a coastal resident.  There’s something about quaint waterfront towns – it just has a different pace.

So Carrie’s comment got me wondering this question to pose to everyone:  For you runners or walkers out there, what has been your favorite ‘destination exercise’?   I’d say today’s was up there pretty high on my list, but I think overall my favorite was a long run I took with MSP while we were visiting his family near Seattle, WA.  We were in a large ‘state park’ type of setting that was so green and there was a light mist while we ran.  I just remember feeling like it was a ‘romantic run’ if there is such a thing.  🙂  Very peaceful and pretty.

Well, I think they are waiting on me to hit the “publish” button so I can attach the little car to the RV and head on to the next state park.  Have a GREAT rest of your weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow if the next stop has cell coverage. 

Thanks for all the comments! I love reading each and every one!

— Shari B.  =)




6 responses

19 09 2009

thus far the best ‘excercise while on vacation’ was walking along the endless boardwalk on Laguna Beach, CA. Ahhhhhhh…sunny, sandy beaches.

19 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Joan! I love SUN! And boardwalks! And endless walks!

19 09 2009

Oh yeah, I’m so glad that you went out on a run while on vacation. Sounds like it was an amazing run. Some memorable runs that come to mind for me while on vacation was a run I went on by myself early one morning in Portland, OR, and another run I went on with a friend and her baby in San Francisco (we ran from her apt. in Russian Hill all the way across the Golden Gate Bridge!). My run in Portland was just so peaceful and I ran all around the city and river and across some of their famous bridges. Oh…just remembered another one: A run I went on while in DC in June. We were actually staying in Maryland and I ran around the river and across a huge bridge and ended up in Virgina!

Okay…food stuff. I made my first smoothie!! It is very yummy, but I think I made too much. I used only 8oz. of water and I added one tangerine, 1/2 banana, 2 fistfulls of spinach, 2 romaine leaves, 1 stalk of celery, and 1/4 cucumber. Do you think I put too much in it. I had enough for 2 glasses instead of one (I’m drinking both glasses though because I know I need all those yummy veggies, especially after the bad diet I’ve been following up until now).

I must say, the almond milk is very yummy:-)

Hmmm…my grocery store (Vons) here is huge and they seem to have everything. Maybe I wasn’t looking for the Larabars in the right section. Where are they normally located in your groccery store?

Keep running and keep updating your blog! It’s fun following your eating/working out/AND traveling blog now!

19 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Carrie!

My smoothies are always BIG so I almost always have about one and a half drinking glasses worth unless I use on of our big plastic cups. Your ingredients sound like the same amount I use, so I’m sure you did it just how I do it. I’m glad you liked it! Wahoooo!! Carrie made a green smoothie! 🙂

Your run to Virginia sounds great! All of your runs sound great, actually!

At my store Larabars are in the same place that all the protein shakes and diabetic foods are. But I’ve seen some stores where the ‘organic foods’ are in their own section. Hmmm, maybe a bunch of Larabars will need to be the first giveaway!!

19 09 2009

Oh, Joan, I live right by Laguna Beach! I guess a lot of my normal runs around the area would be considered “vacation runs” by many other people. Laguna is beautiful!

20 09 2009

Carrie, you are so blessed!

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