And We’re Off…

18 09 2009

Hey there friends!

Happy Friday!  Are you ready for the weekend?

Well, the plane trip went perfectly.  I sat next to a really nice girl who is also a runner so we chatted a bit.  I read a little of “The Lost Symbol” (good so far!) but had tired eyes, so ended up mostly just watching the little TV on the seat in front of me.  Landed, got to the grocery store to pick up my produce for the trip and we are officially on the road in what my friend Pat calls the “Rockstar Bus”. I am a sleepy girl today – didn’t get to bed until well after 11:00, slept off and on, and got up at 4:20 here which is 2:20 on my body’s clock. (Good thing I won’t be doing any of the RV driving!) I definitely see a nap in my future!  🙂

Upon arriving at my mom’s house, I found out that I do NOT have cell phone service here!  AAACCCKK!  OK, I’m already suffering iPhone withdrawal because I am typically on my iPhone internet all the live long day! And my cell phone access is my internet connection.  I noticed that I have a weak cell signal now that we are on the road so I am taking my chance at getting a post out there while I have the opportunity!  Uploading photos is a S-L-O-W process with this connection 🙂

So… if you don’t see a post from me for a few days at a time, don’t think I’m bailing on you!  It will just mean that I can’t get out to the site to post anything!

Here’s how Thursday went down…

Weight Training (Back/Tris/Abs):

  • TM warmup plus arm swings/shoulder circles
  • DB Rows 4 working sets of 12, 10, 7, 12 reps
  • Parallel Grip Lat Pulldowns 4 working sets of 11, 9, 8, 12 reps
  • Tricep Pushdowns 4 working sets of 12, 8, 11, 9 reps
  • Weighted Ball Crunch 2 sets of 15, 20 reps
  • V-Crunch 2 sets of 18, 20

Afterward I took the dogs out (together even) for a brief 20 min walk since I had to get back and finish the last of the packing to head out to the airport.

Thursday’s coffee mug was appropriately letting me know that “My Journey Begins Today” 🙂

Pic3 024

I realized that I haven’t really mentioned what I put IN my coffee. I use a little Coffeemate liquid fat-free hazelnut, with ½ a packet of stevia. While I know that the Coffeemate is not the healthiest choice, I haven’t found anything I like better yet for my coffee. I did purchase some MimicCreme via Amazon so I’ll be trying that out when I get back and will let you know how it goes.  I’m not really a fan of the Silk soy creamer – I end up needing to use twice as much of that as the Coffeemate.

Breakfast was Genesis toast with almond butter and raw honey, and a side of Almond Milk.Pic3 026

Mid-morning was my blended green goodness ‘to go’ and I had JUST enough remaining fruit! 1 clementine, ½ banana, ½ pear, fist o’ spinach, romaine leaves, ½ cucumber.

Pic3 027

Next, I packed up some food to take with me to the airport.

Pic3 028

Pic3 029

While waiting at the gate I had ¾ of the sandwich (Genesis bread, Tofutti faux cream cheese, spinach & basil leaves, yellow tomato slices, sea salt & pepper). On the plane I ate my little side salad of spinach, pepitas, zucchini ribbons, yellow tomato, olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. I had also packed some leftover salmon to put on the salad, but I just couldn’t bring myself to stink up the whole plane by opening the baggie. I didn’t want to be THAT person! 😉

Food for the rest of the evening was not much and pretty random. I had a few of my “Mary’s Gone Crackers” on the way to the grocery store, then when I got to the house I had ½ of a leftover Larabar, a few pepitas (pumpkin seed kernels) and a serving of Amazing Grass Wheatgrass.

Question for today: Which do you find more challenging when you travel: healthful eating or getting your exercise? Drop me a comment! I’m thinking that for me this time it might be the exercise. I imagined I’d run a lot to see the sights, but I’m also nervous to run in strange places all by myself. We’ll see how it goes!

OK, I’m going to hit the ‘Publish” button while I still have a connection!  Have a GREAT weekend everyone! Hopefully I’ll ‘see’ ya again tomorrow!

— Shari B. =)




7 responses

18 09 2009

Sounds like you’re off to a great start!

I def struggle with BOTH the eating AND the Exercising…but we don’t travel much so I don’t consider it a Problem!


boo for lame connecitons! But some unplugging is good for ya! (hard but good)

I am glad you decided not to be “THAT lady” HAHAHA
i have a huge issues with smells… and whenever anyone cooks strong smelling things in our work kitchen I struggle…even if it’s not bad smelling…just STRONG.

I think I am part dog.


19 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Cindy! Yes, unplugging is MUCH harder than I thought it would be. We are headed tomorrow into an area where we may not have ANY access and I think I feel a little shaky already! 😉

I (luckily) don’t travel much either. Most of our trips are visits back to our family for things like birthdays and weddings. I don’t think I could be someone who had to travel a lot for work. I am finding that I am a homebody and like my ‘creature comforts’ of home.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

18 09 2009

I have more trouble eating healthy. I love to go running in new places though – it’s so fun! You get to sightsee AND workout at the same time. I hope you do it! Some of my most memorable times on trips have been the runs I’ve gone on.

18 09 2009

Glad to hear you made it to your destination!

When travelling, getting my workouts in is the hardest. I just can’t get into it; I think it’s because I workout at home and I don’t have all of “my” stuff (this includes my post workout meals, etc) so I’m just not comfortable. I tend to do quite a bit of walking (sightseeing) when travelling so I wouldn’t say I’m not active. My eating doesn’t typically suffer (except I might not eat as often) because I usually stay in a room with a kitchen and when eating out, I choose restaurants that have healthier meal options.

Have a great weekend.

19 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Alexandra! Yeah, I’m with you on that. I workout at home too so usually when I travel I have great intentions but sometimes don’t always follow through. Often it’s because my trips are so quick that I don’t always want to take away from seeing family by going out for a run.

Hope you are having a great weekend! 🙂

18 09 2009


Okay, you’ve completely inspired me! Tonight I bought all sorts of fruits and veggies and I’m planning on making my first green smoothie tomorrow. I also bought almond milk (do I keep that in the fridge?), almond butter, Kashi cereal, raw honey, organic soup, toffuti, pepitas, and Ezekiel bread! I couldn’t find Lara Bars:-( Where should I go for those? They sound so yummy! So, right now I’m drinking a beer and baking banana chocolate chip cookies (hey, the recipe is from Cooking Light), but tomorrow – I’m all about healthy food!

Anyway, THANK YOU for your Internet inspiration! Have fun on your trip and tell Aunt Paula I said hello (are you with Jimmy, Brenda, and Tatum also? if so, tell them I said hello also!).


19 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Yay Carrie!!! That’s awesome — sounds like you had quite a shopping excursion. 🙂 In answer to a couple of your questions: almond milk, yes refrigerate it so it’s cold when you drink it. Larabars I buy at our local King Soopers (which is also affiliated with Kroger and City Market if you have either of those out there.)

Mmmm your banana chocolate chip cookies sound amazing!

With mom now, so I told her hello for you. I’ll see Jim and his fam next Friday so I’ll tell him hi then!

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