“His-n-Hers” Lasagna

12 09 2009

Wahoo!  Saturday!  Love Saturdays!  And I have a BIZ-EEEE one ahead of me.  Lots of catching up with old friends (all former coworkers) today.

Well, as I suspected, my Back/Tri workout was not up to par.  My grip was really weak from the shovel and spade work the day before.  But I got it done – even if it wasn’t my strongest.  My workout partner (MSP) also abandoned me decided to stay in bed for the morning, as he hadn’t had a great night of sleep.  I don’t blame him – been there done that about 600 times myself!

Here’s the Friday recap:

Weight Training (Back & Triceps)

  • TM Warmup followed by arm circles to get the blood flowing to the muscles near my shoulders
  • Close Grip Pulldowns 4 working sets of 11, 10, 9, 12
  • Barbell Rows 3 working sets of 9, 14, 15
  • TRX Row 3 sets of 10, 11, 10
  • Overhead Triceps Extension 4 sets of 15, 15, 8, 9
  • Hyperextensions (low back) on Ball 3 sets of 15

Then I took the beasts dogs out for their wog session (together this time) because I wanted them to get some extra mileage  – it keeps them a little calmer during the day.  I’ve recently started taking them one at a time because together they are a LOT to handle for one human arm that likes to stay in its socket.  Separately they each behave much better.  Together, they turn into disobedient little freaks!  I think it’s because they know that they can overpower me when they are together. 🙂   I had planned to take them for 4 miles but I go SO tired of being yanked around like a rag doll I shortened the outing to 3.  They’re lucky they’re so cute – it’s impossible to stay mad at these cuddlebugs:

More Dogs 005

Friday coffee was my holiday peace dove mug.  It was a chilly windy morning that felt like fall (even had to wear my sweatshirt outside) so I figured I better start preparing myself for summer to be over…. waaaaahhhhhh!  (Can you believe HALLOWEEN stuff is out at the stores now??  It kills me.)

Pic3 116

Between weights and dog wogging, I was crazy hungry, so I mixed up a partial scoop of Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer with a cup of almond milk. 

Pic3 117

I figured I’d eat something more substantial when I got back but I wasn’t really hungry at that point and was busy doing my ‘chores’.  I had to run to the library and grocery store late morning so I went to the Target SBUX.  Holy moly what a RACKET they have going at that particular Starbucks.  You don’t get to use your registered SBUX card rewards (which in my case this day would have been free soy ‘upgrade’ and free syrup squirt).  I ordered a tall decaf soy latte asking for just ONE pump of pumpkin spice (since it was such an autumnal day!).  Guess how much that tiny cup cost me?  $4.01.  Ex-SQUEEZE me?  For a TALL?  I had to look at the receipt because I thought she must have charged me for a Grande.  They now charge 50 cents for the soy (is this everywhere I wonder or just Target?)  It used to be 40 cents, but I always use my registered card so I haven’t paid much attention I guess.  So no more going to the one at the Target.  OK, sorry for that, just had to get that off my chest.  (I may have to rebel and start going to DazBog instead!  😉 )

Pic3 118

Lunch was my SAME-O SAME-O salad.  I know you guys must get bored with my salads having a rotating set of the same ingredients!  I can’t help it!  Don’t fix it if it’s not broken, right?  They’re so good that I just don’t want anything else at the moment.  Maybe I will broaden my SALAD HORIZONS someday soon!  This had spinach, zucchini ribbons, yellow tomato, red pepper, dulse, pepitas, sea salt & pepper, HB egg, and olive oil w/ balsamic vinegar.  Oh and a few sundried tomatoes and sprinkle of nutritional yeast, I almost forgot!

Pic3 119

Afternoon snack (not pictured) was 1/2 a Larabar and a square of dark chocolate.

We jokingly refer to Friday as Pasta Friday in our house because for a long time we noticed were having some sort of italian meal every Friday night.  Since I had some free time yesterday afternoon, I figured I’d try to make lasagna for MSP as a little surprise.  I’ve never made lasagna before and I love to eat it at restaurants.  (And you KNOW when you eat it out, you’re probably getting 3 days’ worth of calories.)  Well I found a recipe for tofu “ricotta” and thought I’d make that to then put into my own attempt at creating a lasagna recipe. 

I have all of my ingedients gathered to make the tofu ricotta (I felt so “FoodNetwork” taking this pic!)  Tofu, basil, sea salt & pepper, nutritional yeast, lemon juice, garlic, & olive oil.

Pic3 120

I began building the layers into my lasagna.  I made a vegetarian half for me and a meaty side for MSP.  This is the middle layer.  My side has mushrooms & sundried tomatoes, MSP’s has italian chicken sausage.  My next layer has spinach & artichoke hearts, while MSP’s next layer has…. more sausage.  🙂 

Pic3 125

My side has a very light sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top and his side has loads of 2% Italian ‘Three Cheese Mix’.

Pic3 126

After I put it in the oven I noticed that a cooking bomb had gone off in my kitchen – look at this mess!

Pic3 127

And after some serious dishwashing and cleanup:

Pic3 129

Ahhh, that’s better.  I can’t stand a messy kitchen!

So here is the lasagna after cooking.  It looks really done, I know!  I should have left the foil on until just at the end because MSP’s cheesy side went a bit past ‘golden brown’ and maybe more toward ‘burnt brown’  😉 
 Pic3 134

 And after plating (on the side is Genesis sprouted grain bread with a smear of pesto & a sprinkle of parm, then into the broiler very briefly):

Pic3 135

 And no Italiano dish is complete without a small glass of this:

Pic3 132

You know, the lasagna wasn’t too bad at all!  I didn’t add a lot of seasoning because I didn’t know how strong the fresh basil would be.  Next time, I’ll add more seasoning to the tofu “ricotta”.  But I liked it!  Which is a good thing, because I have a TON left over!  Dessert was a cup of Teeccino (herbal ‘faux coffee’): 

Pic3 136

And I was again hungry right at bedtime so this little snack was a scoop of raw almond butter with a squeeze of raw honey, about 1/2 cup of almond milk.  I don’t know why I’ve been getting hungry at night, so I think I’ll eat a bigger dinner for the next few days to see if it makes a difference.  I don’t have any qualms about eating right before bed – but it DOES make me wake up ravenously hungry which is why I’d rather not do it.

Pic3 139

Today’s question is:  Do you have housemates or family that eat completely different than you?  Do you find it difficult or have you  gotten into the groove of working around it?  I was a little worried at first that when I went meatless it would really add to my cooking workload, but it’s actually been fun to find ways to have us eat essentially the same meal but with a few adjustments.

OK, blog buds!  My tummy is growling, so I need to go get some breakfast started!  Have a MARVELOUS Saturday and I’ll see ya next time!

–Shari B. =)




4 responses

12 09 2009

I live with my two sons, a 23 yr old and a 16 yr old, but I don’t find meal prep difficult. I cook foods we can all eat and just adjust for preferences, no or less meat for me, starchier sides for them, no cheese for me, cheese for them, etc. Kind of like what you did with the lasagna, which by the way looks fabulous! The only thing I can’t get them to eat enough of ( and in the case of the 23 yr. old he doesn’t eat any!) are vegetables.

I’m not ready for summer to be over either. Summer is my favorite time of year. I dread winter and colder weather. 😦 Speaking of which, would you believe I woke up to thunder and rain this morning? Yes, mid September in sunny Northern California, this is very unusual! It’s a little past 7 am and it’s still raining. Pooh hoo, so much for my working outside today! Oh well, I guess I’ll have to get to scrubbing the kitchen floor which I’ve been avoiding lately!

About your hunger at night, this happens to me on occasion and it’s usually if I’ve had an early dinner (5:30-6:30) lighter and lower in fats. Then I start feeling hungry at around 9:30 right before bed. I don’t have a problem eating at night etier but usually something on the lighter side – 1 or 2 tblsp rice protein powder with a splash of coconut or almond milk, a bit of almond butter and a fe raspberries all made into a “pudding”. I’m opposite of you -I wake up hungry everyday EXCEPT when I eat at bedtime! Funny how we’re all different.

Enjoy your Saturday!

13 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Alexandra! Your son’s issues with veggies sounds just like my husbands! When I had snapped some pics of the lasagna prep, there was one of mushrooms that didn’t go into the blog but was on the camera and he looked through them while the dinner was cooking… he sees the mushrooms and says “Did you sneak mushrooms or weird veggies into my half?” 🙂 One of these days I’m gonna get that cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld and start pureeing veggies to ‘hide’ in his food!

Have a great Sunday, Alexandra! Hope your rain has stopped! It came through Colorado yesterday, but luckily is gone today!

14 09 2009
Laura S

Your Lasagana sounds so yummy! I will def have to try it out!

14 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Laura! Thanks for coming by my blog, I appreciate it! Yes, the lasagna will definitely be on my list of things to make again because it reheats so well for leftovers! And I’d rather not ‘cook’ when I can get away with it!

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