Coyote Snacks & Twilight Running

9 09 2009

Hey, Happy Wednesday to you!  The weekend will be here before we know it!

A BIG thanks to everyone that is coming by to check out the blog!  I am amazed at how many views the site had yesterday – so fun and exciting!  You guys are spreading the word – thank you!  It won’t be long before we get that first giveaway going:  comments from 30 separate individuals on 2 consecutive posts.  I can’t wait to send someone a GIFT!

So yesterday’s 6:00 run was DARK at the start.  Not pitch black dark, but dark enough that ‘coyotes could be eyeing us for breakfast’ dark.  🙂  Luckily only the deer came out to stare at us crazies running before the dawn!  This is at the trailhead parking lot looking west to the trail.

Pic3 048

This is to the east.

Pic3 049

The moon was looking pretty “halloweenish”!

Pic3 051

It was a GREAT run day.  I was feeling a little sluggish on the way there, but as soon as I got there I had a burst of energy and tackled the hills with no trouble.  We did 3.57 miles with 599 feet of ascent and 632 descent.

I absolutely LOVE starting my day outdoors in nature, especially with the sunrise.  It’s my favorite time of day and it’s so peaceful.  Are you a morning exerciser or evening exerciser?  When do you feel the most motivated to get in some activity? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.

My pre-workout fuel was coffee with a side of Genesis toast (a bit of flax oil and raw honey drizzle).  This was at 4:30 in the morning, so it was definitely a day for the “Instant Human: Just add coffee” mug (and I couldn’t resist taking an immediate bite of my toast!)

Pic3 045

After the run and my super long blogging session I had some “sunshine in a bowl” – fresh mango.  I LOVE mango and didn’t want to mask its flavor at all in a smoothie, so I had it all by itself.  It was divine.

Pic3 057

A little later I mixed some Vega chocolate health optimizer with some almond milk because I knew fruit alone was not the best post-run recovery option.  This would NOT mix well with mango, no matter what the label tells you 😉

Pic3 058

My fridge has been looking a bit overstuffed with leftovers so lunch was a random mix of things that needed using up:  wild rice, hummus on 7-grain crackers, spinach & arugula salad – complete with tailfeathers!  The salad also had pepitas, sundried tomatoes, orange pepper, and raw zucchini ribbons, topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. MSP said to me that it looked like a lot of food, would I be able to finish it.  I said “Pssh, of course!”.  He was totally right, I could not eat all of the rice after finishing off the salad!

Pic3 059

Pie sounded great for my afternoon snack so Larabar Pecan Pie did the trick, one of my favorite flavors.  (Do I say that about every Larabar?)  🙂  I think the only ones I haven’t loved are Key Lime and Cinnamon Roll.

Pic3 064

And a totally BORING looking dinner!  More leftovers!  I imagine you are about as tired of SEEING this dish as I am of eating it, but luckily this batch is gone for awhile!  Vegetarian Chili with Tofu.  I also ate some more of my leftover hummus on a cracker, with a sliver of manchego cheese (not pictured).

Pic3 069

I was low on goodies to make blended green goodness so had to make a trip to the store for some fresher spinach and romaine!  All stocked up now!  Evening ‘snack’ was just a cup of herbal tea as we had a pretty busy evening working on a project in the house.

Well fit friends, the iron downstairs is calling.  It’s LEG DAY!  Have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!  See you next time!

–Shari B. =)




4 responses

9 09 2009

Great pictures! I love that time of morning right before the sun rises. I don’t run anymore but in my running days, 5 am runs were the best. I definitely had that runners high going and could’ve run for miles and miles had I not needed to go to work.

Your post about recharging is so timely. I’ve been in recharge mode since last week. Last week I didn’t do my usual heavy lifting; instead I focused on a few days of light cardio and body weight workouts with a day or two of yoga thrown in there. I planned on hitting the weights again this week but decided to extend my rest. My body is recovered but mentally I need a break. I love lifting but I’ve been pushing hard for a while and mentally I’m not ready to go at it again. This week my focus will be strictly yoga – no cardio, no bodyweight intervals just yoga.

As always your eats look so good! By the way, I love all the mugs! I have a fetish for coffee cups and mugs myself but I don’t think I have nearly as many different ones as you.

I hope you had a great leg workout.


10 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Alexandra! Ohhh yoga! I do love it – I just don’t do it enough. Bikram is my favorite form of yoga. I found that Bikram Choudhury released a ‘recorded’ class on iTunes, so I did get that. I don’t have the 100 degree heat but at least I’m getting in the moves, right? 🙂

I think your week of yoga sounds like a great idea and will give your body a much-deserved break!

I have been on the lookout for new mugs lately – I’ve made it through the whole collection now for blog pics. 🙂 But I always wait until they are seriously marked down (especially at SBUX – I’m sorry but $12.95 for a mug is nuts! $5 is more like it!) If you find any good places to get mugs, let me know!

Enjoy your Thursdsay! Thanks so much for reading the blog!
–Shari B. =)

10 09 2009

Hi Sheri,
I am really interested in your morning “green goo” drink. What all is in the mixture and how much? Do you blend enough for that day only or does it keep for tomorrow’s breakfast also?
Thanks for the info.

10 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi Diane! I only blend enough to drink right away. I’ve heard that you can keep them in the fridge for later in the day – but for some reason I haven’t been able to bring myself to do it. Sometimes it can separate in the glass even while I’m drinking it so the thought of it sitting for a few hours isn’t appetizing to me at all. 🙂 As far as what’s in the ones I make, it does change often and I don’t measure a whole lot but here’s the gist of it: 8 oz of water in the blender, then 1/2 a cucumber cut into chunks, 1-2 stalks of celery cut into chunks, a fistful of spinach leaves, a small fistful of alfalfa sprouts (maybe 1/3 -1/2 cup not packed?), a couple of large leaves of romaine lettuce if I have it in the fridge, and a fruit of the day. Yesterday it was a banana + 2 peeled clementines. I seem to change up the fruit more than any of the other ingredients. I might use a pear with a couple of clementines, or half an apple with some carrots. I will occasionally add a scoop of vanilla rice protein powder if I feel like I’m needing some protein. That’s it! Then I drink it right away 🙂

Let me know what you think if you give it a try!

Have a great evening!
— Shari B. =)

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