Run, Ouch, Run, Ouch

29 08 2009
Hi-deee-ho blog buds!  Hope you are having all kinds of fit fun on your Saturday!

To wrap up yesterday’s eats since I ran off to the Girls’ Dinner:  I ate a large serving of the spinach salad I brought (shown in yesterday’s post), plus a fabulous wild rice Keri made, a stack of slow cooked carrots, big glass of pinot grigio followed by a half slice of the best peach pie I’ve ever tasted (Amber your pie was AWESOME!) 

I did stay out past my normal bedtime and my crazy body clock woke me up today at around 4:20 AM anyway.  I am such an early bird without wanting to be!  I really wish I was that person who could sleep in when she wanted!

Around 5:45 AM I was getting hungry so I made 2 slices of Ezekial toast with raw organic almond butter and a drizzle of raw organic honey.  Oddly, I was full after the first slice so I didn’t end up eating it.  

Picture 031



MSP (My Sweetie Pie) and I headed out to the Highlands Ranch Backcountry for today’s exercise, which was a hella-hilly trail run of 4.58 miles.  (I use the word “run” lightly today.  Sore legs + less sleep = some uphill walking was necessary!)  Yesterday’s leg workout is definitely talking to me.  See what I mean about those explosive lunges?? They are killer!  Even my legs look tired in this pic (and sadly this was BEFORE we ran):

You want my legs to do WHAT at this hour???  (Even my legs look tired in this picture!)

After the outing I was craving some “green blended goodness” since I hadn’t had one for a few days!  In the blender (½ cucumber, 2 clementines, ½ pear, a few baby carrots, lots o’ spinach, scoop of rice protein powder, a celery stalk and a handful of alfalfa sprouts):
Picture 033

 Picture 035

Around lunchtime I was meeting up with my friend Amanda at Starbucks where I had a grande soy steamer and one of their petite scones (I LOVE those because they are the perfect size to enjoy without overdoing it.)

MSP and I had a late lunch/early dinner today at a great place he just found out about called z pizza  They have all kinds of great stuff like vegan gluten-free crust, veggie burger crumbles for topping, organic tomato sauce and soy cheese.  I’m thrilled to see more places popping up that offer alternatives for people who eat like I do!

Picture 039

Here’s the creation I picked for my 10″ pizza of which I apparently only ate 5″ (wheat crust, soy cheese, romano tomato slices, shitake mushrooms and cilantro):

Picture 037

It was fabulous!  I can’t wait to eat the other half (mmmm cold pizza tomorrow for b-fast maybe??)  I didn’t eat a huge salad today so I’m thinking I’ll either have another green drink, or some homemade popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast, as it is now time to chill in front of a movie! 

Have a great night!

— Shari B. =)




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