Getting my feet wet (or should I say my “feat” wet?)

27 08 2009

Hey there Fit Friends! 

As I compose my first ‘full’ post for my new blog (woot woot, so excited!), I am finding it surprising that I feel as energetic as I do tonight seeing how I have been up since 2:09 AM!  I woke up with my mind clicking away at high speed about the blog, so I went ahead and got up and continued working on the theme, widgets, etc.   I have been sleeping like a baby the last 4 months after a l-o-n-g bout with insomnia, so this was highly unusual and I’m crossing my fingers that I sleep well tonight. 

A blurb about the blog: I’ll be chronicling my food intake and exercise habits as a way to look back over time to see how I may have changed my approach, not to mention hopefully provide some insight and inspiration to readers (please see the “Disclaimer” tab).  My food philosophy has done a complete 180 over the years (see the “About” tab).  Makes me wonder if I’ll end up coming full circle over time or stay where I’m at.  I think it will be fun to come back to these early posts next year and compare.  I feel SO good right now with the way I’ve been eating.  In future posts, I’ll discuss further some of the food changes I made for health reasons and the results I’ve had.  As a personal trainer, clients have always been interested in what I eat and how I train.  I like to think I do a pretty good job at practicing what I preach teach (truly I don’t want to be ‘preachy’).  One thing to note for those of you following along:  I am currently eating at a maintenance level, which means I am not aiming to lose weight.  Should I decide that I need to lose any further bodyfat, you’ll see some changes to the daily ‘eats’ and an increase in training intensity.

Ironically today was a planned rest day from training, so not much to report on that front.  Tomorrow is legs and shoulders.  But plenty of eats to share!  Due to the lack of sleep it was a bit of a carb party today!

I at least waited till 5:00 AM to make my cup of coffee (the Diva mug baby!):


 About an hour later I was hungry for my breakfast so I had a cup of Kashi GoLean with some unsweetened Almond Milk for breakfast:



Mid-morning snack (not pictured) was 2 pieces of Ezekial 4:9 sprouted grain toast with raw almond butter and a drizzle of raw honey…. sweet carby goodness! 

Lunch was a dee-lish salad with leftover salmon from my trip to Tokyo Joe’s plus a hard-boiled egg, lots of spinach & romaine, a sprinkle of baked dulse, nutritional yeast, sundried tomatoes, raw pumpkin seeds, topped off with some macadamia nut oil and balsamic vinegar.  It was super filling!  And for dessert — a square of extra dark chocolate of course!Picture 014

 The little beggars dogs were waiting for something to drop, as usual.  Rascal (the MinPin) has become especially fond of green veggies these days, just like his mommy!  He loves cucumber, spines of romaine, zuchinni, you name it.  Although I’m pretty sure I could drop a styrofoam packing peanut and he’d snap it up like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted.Picture 018

 I had two separate afternoon snacks today since I was extra hungry.  The first was a scoop each of Amazing Meal and rice protein.  Later I was still feeling hungry so I had a Wasa cracker with some raw goat cheddar.  Nothing exciting enough for a pic!I had a lazy girl dinner tonight since MSP (My Sweetie Pie) was at softball.  A can of Healthy Choice Country Veggie soup with an Ezekial ‘dipper’ on the side, topped with sprinkles of baked dulse and parmesan:Picture 024

 I think that covers day one!   Have a GREAT Friday tomorrow!

— Shari B.  =)




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2 09 2009

Shari, where do you do most of your grocery shopping?

2 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hi there! I do a majority of my shopping at King Soopers (our local chain grocery store), with OCCASIONAL trips to Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage for things regular chains don’t carry, like nutritional yeast or dulse. It’s so easy for me to overspend at health food stores though because they have so many great things that I want to try!

Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! Have a great day!

— Shari B. =)

3 09 2009

Thanks for your reply, Shari! I’ve been to King Soopers with Anna before:-) I’ve never used nutritional yeast or dulse before (actually, I’ve never heard of them), so I’m already learning a lot from your blog. I actually have also never been into a Whole Foods before, even though there are stores near me. I’m just so scared that I’ll go in there and come out only after spending hundreds of dollars!

3 09 2009
Shari B. (FitFeat)

Hey Carrie! I didn’t recognize the email address on the grocery question, so I didn’t realize it was you! 🙂 I don’t eat meat anymore (except fish) so I add nutritional yeast sprinkles to foods because it has B12 in it (it’s got kind of a cheesy taste, so it’s GREAT on popcorn!) I also eat raw pumpkin seeds (pepitas) to get some iron that I used to get from meat. And the dulse (a type of dried seaweed) has tons of minerals plus iodine for my thyroid. It all sounds weird, I know! When I do a lot of running I have to watch my iron because I tend to end up anemic, so without the meat I’m looking for other sources. 🙂 But I feel fantastic these days, especially since I really started focusing on adding a green smoothie, a large salad, and a raw bar daily when I can. It makes planning my meals easy because if I do three meals and two to three ‘snacks’ each day that takes care of half my food intake without any extra thought.

Have a great night!!

4 09 2009

Thanks for the additional info! I was signed in under my company’s blog account when I first commented on this post, which is why you didn’t recognize the e-mail address.

I think you’ve convinced me to try a green smoothie soon…. 🙂

25 05 2013
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