Sunday, Lazy Sunday

31 08 2009

It’s Monday friends!  I hope you had a marvelous weekend.  They always fly by so fast though don’t you think?  Do you have plans to make it a great week?   

I thought I’d start today’s post with a FitFeature about green smoothies (blended salads).

I started making these drinks on an almost daily basis about 5 months ago.  I was working with an acupuncturist on some issues I had with my breathing, insomnia and some pretty disturbing digestion.  He gave me a printed page to take home that had some foods I should look to avoid and those that I should add in addition to the acupuncture sessions.  Being the total nut that I am about nutrition this sent me into a frenzy of further research into Traditional Chinese Medicine and its approach to food and healing.  Which also led me to the acid/alkaline balance topic.  WOW, was this eye opening.  It completely rocked my entire nutrition foundation off its blocks!  Almost everything I ate in my standard “fitness diet” was highly acidic (which I’ll touch on further in future posts).  Of course when I began reading about all the ill-effects of keeping the body in an acidic state, I started making a lot of changes.  One of the first was adding more fruits and veggies daily. 

Now fruits I had no trouble with. I loved eating fruit as a snack. But veggies are something I have had a hard time incorporating when I’m eating at home.  I’d buy them with the intention of using them, but often I’d be tossing bad veggies into the trash after they sat in the fridge too long.  Then I remembered reading about “blended salads” in a book by Ann Louise Gittleman and thought “hmmm, maybe if I try to DRINK my veggies, I can get them ‘out of the way’ in one fell swoop”.  The version I make now differs a bit from hers, but it was definitely my inspiration.  I figured people would think I was crazy, but lo and behold I came to find that there are books and websites dedicated to these concoctions! 

In one green smoothie I get so many nutrients – it would take me forever to CHEW all of the foods I usually put in one drink.  Usually I put in 8 oz water, half of a large cucumber, a couple handfuls of spinach, romaine leaves, alfalfa sprouts, carrots, and celery.  Then I add in a bit of fruit to sweeten the flavor, and sometimes some flaxseed oil if I’m not getting my EFAs for the day elsewhere.

If you are finding it hard to get your veggies in, or if you’d like to boost your nutrient intake even further, I encourage you to give it a try.  Replace one meal or snack of the day – I like to have mine in the morning right after I exercise when my body is thirsty for all those vitamins and minerals. Happy Blending!

Here’s my Sunday recap of Feats and Eats:

Exercise was minimal because we were feeling SUPER-LAZY on this overcast Sunday:  a 45 minute walk with the dogs.  It was also laundry day, so at least I also get a lot of ‘stair-climbing’ running from the basement to the second floor and back 😉

Breakfast:  decaf coffee and 1 slice of Ezekial toast with raw organic almond butter and raw honey.  I only made one piece today since yesterday I couldn’t eat the second slice.  Today’s mug is from a Starbucks in Madrid that my friend Beth brought back for me from Spain (thanks Beth!)

Pic 002


Midmorning Snack: a piece of leftover organic pizza from yesterday’s trip to zpizza and a small side salad (spinach, arugula, pepitas, sundried tomatoes, dulse, nutritional yeast, olive oil and balsamic vinegar):

Pic 003


Lunch was a “tuna salad wrap” (half pouch of tuna, bit of light mayo, chopped celery, chopped sweet pickle, seated on a romaine leat to use as the wrap) plus a hefty side salad (spinach, arugula, hard-boiled egg, nutritional yeast, cilantro, Annie’s Gingerly Vinaigrette).  Note to self – do NOT put fresh cilantro on my salads again.  That was a mistake!!  I love cilantro but apparently not as a leafy green!

 Pic 007


It’s just not a complete day without a little bit of chocolate:

Pic 009


Mid-Afternoon Snack:  Larabar (Banana Bread flavor) with decaf green tea (with a BRONCOS mug in honor of the game for Sunday night):

Pic 010


And then dinner during the Broncos/Bears pre-season game had to be Chipotle (this is MSP’s favorite place to eat).  I had half of a veggie bowl (rice, black beans, two salsas, plop of guac and some Baked Tostitos Scoops on the side):

Pic 014


Well friends, I am heading downstairs to the gym to get my weight workout done and then on to my list of Monday goals to accomplish!  See you tomorrow! 

–Shari B.  =)


Run, Ouch, Run, Ouch

29 08 2009
Hi-deee-ho blog buds!  Hope you are having all kinds of fit fun on your Saturday!

To wrap up yesterday’s eats since I ran off to the Girls’ Dinner:  I ate a large serving of the spinach salad I brought (shown in yesterday’s post), plus a fabulous wild rice Keri made, a stack of slow cooked carrots, big glass of pinot grigio followed by a half slice of the best peach pie I’ve ever tasted (Amber your pie was AWESOME!) 

I did stay out past my normal bedtime and my crazy body clock woke me up today at around 4:20 AM anyway.  I am such an early bird without wanting to be!  I really wish I was that person who could sleep in when she wanted!

Around 5:45 AM I was getting hungry so I made 2 slices of Ezekial toast with raw organic almond butter and a drizzle of raw organic honey.  Oddly, I was full after the first slice so I didn’t end up eating it.  

Picture 031



MSP (My Sweetie Pie) and I headed out to the Highlands Ranch Backcountry for today’s exercise, which was a hella-hilly trail run of 4.58 miles.  (I use the word “run” lightly today.  Sore legs + less sleep = some uphill walking was necessary!)  Yesterday’s leg workout is definitely talking to me.  See what I mean about those explosive lunges?? They are killer!  Even my legs look tired in this pic (and sadly this was BEFORE we ran):

You want my legs to do WHAT at this hour???  (Even my legs look tired in this picture!)

After the outing I was craving some “green blended goodness” since I hadn’t had one for a few days!  In the blender (½ cucumber, 2 clementines, ½ pear, a few baby carrots, lots o’ spinach, scoop of rice protein powder, a celery stalk and a handful of alfalfa sprouts):
Picture 033

 Picture 035

Around lunchtime I was meeting up with my friend Amanda at Starbucks where I had a grande soy steamer and one of their petite scones (I LOVE those because they are the perfect size to enjoy without overdoing it.)

MSP and I had a late lunch/early dinner today at a great place he just found out about called z pizza  They have all kinds of great stuff like vegan gluten-free crust, veggie burger crumbles for topping, organic tomato sauce and soy cheese.  I’m thrilled to see more places popping up that offer alternatives for people who eat like I do!

Picture 039

Here’s the creation I picked for my 10″ pizza of which I apparently only ate 5″ (wheat crust, soy cheese, romano tomato slices, shitake mushrooms and cilantro):

Picture 037

It was fabulous!  I can’t wait to eat the other half (mmmm cold pizza tomorrow for b-fast maybe??)  I didn’t eat a huge salad today so I’m thinking I’ll either have another green drink, or some homemade popcorn sprinkled with nutritional yeast, as it is now time to chill in front of a movie! 

Have a great night!

— Shari B. =)

I Had Fried Legs for Breakfast

28 08 2009

Hi there Fit Friends!  It’s FRIDAY!  🙂  For me it’s a day of catching up with the girls:  coffee with Karen this morning, dinner at Keri’s tonight.  Shaping up to be a fine Friday indeed!

I woke up at about 4:50 this morning before the alarm after a solid night of sleep (oh thank goodness.)  First thing out of bed I went straight for my coffee in today’s mug (you will see that I rotate through fun mugs I collect depending on my mood.  Today’s was “Logorrhea: excessive talkativeness”)

Picture 026

This morning’s weight training was for legs and shoulders, and my gams were definitely squiggly at the end!  Here’s the routine I did:

  • Treadmill Warmup + some bodyweight squatting and kicking to get my blood flowing to the muscles
  • Straight Leg Single Leg Deadlifts 3 working sets of 12 ea leg
  • TRX Split Squat 4 working sets of 8 ea leg
  • Explosive Lunges 4 working sets of 20
  • Rear Delt Hi-Row 3 working sets of 11
  • Static Ball Squats (45 seconds) 3 sets
  • Overhead Shoulder Press – Alternating Arms 3 working sets of 8

Outside of the explosive lunges and the static ball squats, I was aiming for muscular fatigue in the 8-10 range.  Explosive lunges always kick my a$$ and I love it.

I ate two quick bites of a Larabar (coconut cream pie flavor) to tide me over till breakfast.

After the weight workout I took the dogs out which gave me 2.78 miles of some light cardio.

By the time I got back I realized I was running a bit late to meet up with my friend for coffee, so “breakfast” was a scoop of chocolate Vega with 1 cup of Almond Milk on the way, followed by a small plain decaf soy latte at Kunjani my friend Karen. 

I knew I’d be eating a mondo salad tonight at the Girls’ Dinner, so I decided to have a sandwich for lunch today instead of a salad.  Two slices of Ezekial sprouted grain bread smeared with Tofutti soy “cream cheese”, avocado, tomato, sea salt, sprouts and a stack of carrots on the side.  I was stuffed afterward!

Picture 025

Afternoon snack was a yummy Apple Pie Larabar.  I had also intended to make my veggie blender drink before the dinner party but I just wasn’t hungry yet. 

Picture 027

And now I’m about to run out the door to Keri’s for the Girls’ Dinner.  I’m taking a huge spinach salad with HB eggs, mandarin orange segments, a sprinkle of 2% cheddar, mushrooms and slivered almonds.  Dressing is super light, Annie’s Organics Gingerly Vinaigrette.  (Oh yeah, and some happy juice, aka wine!)

Picture 029


FitFeature: when going to a party or special occasion, try not to stress about the food that will be there.  If you try to restrict too much, you’ll end up not having a good time. Now granted you can’t just go crazy eating your heart out at every social function.  Try foods that look amazing– just keep the portion size well within reason.  Don’t stuff yourself.  Know that there will probably be dessert and save a little room to at least taste it.  If I know ahead of time that I’ll be attending an event where I’ll most likely get more calories than I need, I’ll try to make that my leg day and maybe throw in some extra cardio in order to keep my energy intake and output a bit more in balance, since I know I expend a lot more energy working my legs than I would on an upper body day.  You can bet tonight that I’ll have a glass of wine and a small serving of dessert!

Hope you have a fabulous Friday evening!  See you tomorrow!

— Shari B.  =)

Getting my feet wet (or should I say my “feat” wet?)

27 08 2009

Hey there Fit Friends! 

As I compose my first ‘full’ post for my new blog (woot woot, so excited!), I am finding it surprising that I feel as energetic as I do tonight seeing how I have been up since 2:09 AM!  I woke up with my mind clicking away at high speed about the blog, so I went ahead and got up and continued working on the theme, widgets, etc.   I have been sleeping like a baby the last 4 months after a l-o-n-g bout with insomnia, so this was highly unusual and I’m crossing my fingers that I sleep well tonight. 

A blurb about the blog: I’ll be chronicling my food intake and exercise habits as a way to look back over time to see how I may have changed my approach, not to mention hopefully provide some insight and inspiration to readers (please see the “Disclaimer” tab).  My food philosophy has done a complete 180 over the years (see the “About” tab).  Makes me wonder if I’ll end up coming full circle over time or stay where I’m at.  I think it will be fun to come back to these early posts next year and compare.  I feel SO good right now with the way I’ve been eating.  In future posts, I’ll discuss further some of the food changes I made for health reasons and the results I’ve had.  As a personal trainer, clients have always been interested in what I eat and how I train.  I like to think I do a pretty good job at practicing what I preach teach (truly I don’t want to be ‘preachy’).  One thing to note for those of you following along:  I am currently eating at a maintenance level, which means I am not aiming to lose weight.  Should I decide that I need to lose any further bodyfat, you’ll see some changes to the daily ‘eats’ and an increase in training intensity.

Ironically today was a planned rest day from training, so not much to report on that front.  Tomorrow is legs and shoulders.  But plenty of eats to share!  Due to the lack of sleep it was a bit of a carb party today!

I at least waited till 5:00 AM to make my cup of coffee (the Diva mug baby!):


 About an hour later I was hungry for my breakfast so I had a cup of Kashi GoLean with some unsweetened Almond Milk for breakfast:



Mid-morning snack (not pictured) was 2 pieces of Ezekial 4:9 sprouted grain toast with raw almond butter and a drizzle of raw honey…. sweet carby goodness! 

Lunch was a dee-lish salad with leftover salmon from my trip to Tokyo Joe’s plus a hard-boiled egg, lots of spinach & romaine, a sprinkle of baked dulse, nutritional yeast, sundried tomatoes, raw pumpkin seeds, topped off with some macadamia nut oil and balsamic vinegar.  It was super filling!  And for dessert — a square of extra dark chocolate of course!Picture 014

 The little beggars dogs were waiting for something to drop, as usual.  Rascal (the MinPin) has become especially fond of green veggies these days, just like his mommy!  He loves cucumber, spines of romaine, zuchinni, you name it.  Although I’m pretty sure I could drop a styrofoam packing peanut and he’d snap it up like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted.Picture 018

 I had two separate afternoon snacks today since I was extra hungry.  The first was a scoop each of Amazing Meal and rice protein.  Later I was still feeling hungry so I had a Wasa cracker with some raw goat cheddar.  Nothing exciting enough for a pic!I had a lazy girl dinner tonight since MSP (My Sweetie Pie) was at softball.  A can of Healthy Choice Country Veggie soup with an Ezekial ‘dipper’ on the side, topped with sprinkles of baked dulse and parmesan:Picture 024

 I think that covers day one!   Have a GREAT Friday tomorrow!

— Shari B.  =)

Well hello there….

26 08 2009

Welcome to FitFeat!

“feat: an act of skill, endurance, imagination or strength; an achievement”

Morrison 008

Launch of the blog is expected soon!  Stay tuned….

Shari B.  =)